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It’s happening, Vancouver’s first-ever ride-hailing app is officially here!

The made-in B.C. ride-hailing app allows users to connect with safe and reliable rides-on-demand using their smartphones.

The made-in B.C. ride-hailing app allows users to connect with safe and reliable rides-on-demand using their smartphones.

 Photo: KaterPhoto: Kater

Alright Vancouver! Sick and tired of waiting for ride-hailing? The time has come! There's a brand new way to get around, courtesy of made-in-BC technology company, Kater.

The local ride-hailing app launched in beta earlier this year and is already picking up riders throughout the city of Vancouver in its fleet of sleek, brand-new hybrid cars. 


If you’ve used other ride-hailing services around the world, you’ll find Kater’s app (available on Apple and Android), just as easy and intuitive to use. Once you download the app and complete the registration process, you’ll be ready to go, literally. With the tap of a button, you can order a Kater car to pick you up and take you to wherever you want to go. The app gives you an estimated cost for your trip and shares the driver’s name and vehicle license plate with you, you’re able to track your car as it’s on its way and monitor the arrival time (FINALLY), pay via the app and rate your driver. It is convenient, reliable and most importantly, safe!  

Kater’s model complies with the current B.C. legislation, allowing it to launch ahead of other ride-hailing apps. Once it has fully launched, Kater cars will pick up riders throughout Metro Vancouver and be able to drop off passengers anywhere in B.C. Fancy a trip to Prince George? Yes, they’ll even take you there, and in case you needed more good news, Kater drivers cannot refuse your trip once it’s been allocated.


 Photo: KaterPhoto: Kater

On a more serious note, let’s talk safety. Safety is at the heart of Kater's operations - whether it be their drivers, passengers or pedestrians - which is why all the cars are owned and insured by Kater, and why all Kater drivers go through a specialized training program, on top of the Class 4 and Chauffeur License they’re required to hold by law. Not only that, but all vehicles are also equipped with cameras while the Kater app includes a two-way rating system and a direct 24/7 link to Kater’s Care team. Any low ratings are instantly flagged and immediate action is taken.


 Photo: KaterPhoto: Kater

Kater’s  pricing is set in accordance with the standard rates set by British Columbia’s PTB and unlike other ride-hailing apps, there’s no surge pricing at busy periods. Fares are set with a base of $3.25 and $0.56 per minute + $1.88 per km. It’s the same for every ride. With Kater, you know what you get!  

Just in time for summer, Kater will be launching Kateroke (yes, that’s ride-sharing with karaoke machines) on June 20th. Keep an eye out for other fun themed cars later this summer. More on that later...

So, where do you want to go?

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