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CONTEST: Enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 Cocktail Mixing Prize Packs from romeo’s gin

You could be the lucky winner of a prize pack from romeo’s gin, inspired by the fine art of gin-based cocktail mixing (Valued at $250 CAD)
A unique spin on gin.

Classic and easy to make, and light and refreshing to taste, a gin & tonic is a highball cocktail that’s perfect all-year round — and especially in the summer months. 

Starting with two simple ingredients, the art of this gin-based cocktail lies in the ratio between the spirit and the tonic soda. The bubbly tonic in a G&T delivers the elevated flavour, transporting the chemicals up and into the tastebuds, while the ice adds a cool and crisp finish.

There are so many ways to add your own unique spin to the bright, zesty, and tried-and-tried gin & tonic, which provides lots of room for cocktail-mixing experimentation.

Driven by originality, creativity, and spontaneity, Montreal-based gin brand romeo’s gin idea of a “perfect serve” is their reimagined take on the classic gin & tonic cocktail, mixed with fresh elderflower tonic water, along with a surprising note of dill and a delicate touch of lavender with the garnish. 

In addition to their take on G&T, romeo’s gin has a selection of curated gin-based cocktail recipes that bring out and blend together the flavour profiles of the spirits and fruits of the summer season.

Crispy Field. Photo: romeo’s gin.


For an easy cocktail starring cucumber, Crispy Field features a creamy texture and an unexpected kick of wasabi for added bite.


Vivid Sun At Noon is a fresh and tangy cocktail with sweet notes of honey and one of romeo’s gin’s main components — lemon.


Fresh and herbaceous, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, features sprigs of dill, one of romeo’s gin key aromatic components, mixed with fresh lime juice in an Old-Fashioned glass.

Soft’N’Roll. Photo: romeo’s gin.


A smooth gourmet cocktail with a creamy texture and tropical vibes, Soft’n’roll includes orgeat syrup, pineapple juice, and almond.


In this spin on a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, Peppery-Pep substitutes whiskey with gin, for you to taste and appreciate the aromas of juniper berries.


Perfumed Dreamy Night is a thirst-quenching and sparkling cocktail with refreshing notes of lavender and blackcurrant.

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Photo: romeo's gin.

We’ve partnered with romeo’s gin to give 5 lucky winners a romeo’s gin Prize Pack, inspired by the art of gin & tonic cocktail mixing!

The romeo’s gin Prize Pack Grand Prize includes:

  • A $100 Gift Card for Black + Blue
  • A romeo’s gin Playmate Cooler from Igloo (Valued at $40) 
  • 2x romeo’s gin Cocktail Glassware
  • A romeo’s gin Hat 
  • A 4-Pack of Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water

Total Grand Prize Value: $250 CAD

You can enter via the contest entry form below. For additional chances to win, visit romeo’s gin at their website for 10 bonus entries, and visit their Facebook and Instagram for another 25 bonus entries each.

This contest is open to Lower Mainland residents and closes on September 8, 2021. The contest winner will be contacted via email on this date.