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Based and designed in Vancouver, this brand new e-bike will change the way you ride in the city

Rover E-Bike’s brand new X/Y Series is the ultimate e-bike for bikers who love to ride in style without compromising on power.
Meet Rover E-Bike's X/Y Series.

E-bikes are a solid investment to make if you’re a commuter or an outdoor explorer in Vancouver, but shopping for the perfect one is no easy task. 

Where can you find an e-bike that combines style, speed, and ease of use, while also being accessible and affordable? Luckily, there’s a new Canadian e-bike brand that is offering all this and more for a different kind of riding experience.

Based, designed, and made here in Vancouver, Rover E-Bike’s brand new X/Y Series is the ultimate e-bike for bikers who want to make healthy lifestyle choices and ride in style without compromising on power. 

With its matte black coat and sleek futuristic design, X/Y is made of high quality aluminum and is radically compact, weighing just 20 kg. X/Y’s Metrix Display comes in the default SPORT Mode, with anti-glare features and a sport fashion digital display. Or, you can opt for the SMART Mode, with a full-color IPS screen display. 

Customized with different sizes of riders in mind, there are currently two different models available to choose from:

  • Designed for riders 5'2''-5'7'', the smaller X model has a 17.7'' frame and a length of approximately 65”.
  • Designed for riders 5'8'' and taller, the bigger Y model has a 19.7'' frame and a length of approximately 67”.

Rover E-Bike. Photo: Kika Dardot, YY Media Co.

This robust, smooth, and weatherproof e-bike is sustainable for all fitness levels and all types of riding in any environment. 

Incorporating the latest in technological advancements, such as its innovative dual-sided Torque Sensor System, X/Y allows you to take on long distance treks and uphill climbs like a pro, from the Stanley Park seawall to Burnaby Mountain trails. 

With the Shimano TZ500 7-Speed 14-34t Freewheel and Shimano Tourney shift lever, you can roam anywhere you want. Even more, the front suspension fork allows you to adjust shock absorbing levels according to terrains, providing comfort in all conditions.

Rover’s high capacity detachable battery allows you to charge anywhere (with a full charge time of 5 hours) and lasts for up to 160 km, so you never have to worry about running out of juice while riding!

For those who want that physical challenge while riding, the Rover X/Y can work as either an e-bike with full support or as a regular bike — by turning off the support from the motor to zero if they want to exercise. 

Rover is currently having a pre-sale promotion on the new Rover X/Y Series. The first 50 bikes sold will be priced at $1899, and the next round of 50 bikes will be priced at $2099 — after which, the Rover X/Y will go back to its original price of $2399.

To enjoy a smoother riding experience, pre-order your Rover E-Bike at