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3 of the best global travel destinations to visit if you’re single in 2020

From beach vacations to desert excursions on the other side of the world, travelling while single doesn’t have to mean travelling alone, especially in 2020.
Kuata, Fiji. Photo by Nicolas Weldingh on Unsplash

No matter who you are, or where in the world you live, travelling holds a high spot on pretty much everyone’s bucket list.

Despite this, many of us feel like we have to wait on friends or loved ones in order to book a trip. Unfortunately, their schedules rarely line up with our own for enough time to actually buy an airplane ticket or book a hotel. This can be frustrating, especially for singles who can’t rely on a significant other to cash in vacation days whenever the travel bug bites.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to give you a rundown of the best places to travel while single in 2020. Every month, Events & Adventures hosts dozens of singles events ranging from volunteering to skydiving around Metro Vancouver. What you may not know is the social club also organizes group trips for their club members all over the world. They take care of all the organizing and ensure you’ll embark with like-minded people, providing you with the perfect combination of travelling while single, without ever having to navigate a new country alone. And since everyone else is single too, maybe you’ll find more than just adventure overseas!

It’s time to stop waiting around for others, and finally, go travelling! Here’s just a few destinations Events & Adventures is hosting this year.


Known for its 300 heavenly tropical islands, Fiji is the ultimate destination for a luxurious beach vacation. Fiji is home to ancient archaeological sites, rainforests and of course, beaches galore. With so many natural wonders to enjoy, Fiji is the ideal place to slow down without giving up on experiencing something new. Fiji is also known for its friendly people, which makes it easy and safe for those travelling alone to get around and meet people. Fortunately, if you’re travelling with Events & Adventures, you’ll be vacationing with a group of singles that you can enjoy the trip alongside. Should you wish to spend some time exploring the islands solo, you can do that too!


Photo: Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Now, this is a bucket list trip! Morocco boasts incredible architecture, history and food, making for a truly once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. While Morocco is recognized as being a safe travel destination, it does have a reputation for being difficult to navigate. If you travel with Events & Adventures, they’ll take care of the organizing activities and any pesky little details, which means you can spend less time with your head buried in a map, and more time enjoying the places you visit and the people you are with. After all, one of the best parts about travelling as a single is getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people you’d have otherwise never met. By travelling with Events & Adventures, you can share an amazing experience with awesome people, no matter where in the world you find yourself. Great friendships start by bonding over incredible experiences and who knows, you might even find more than friendship Hey, a trip to Morocco is a pretty good “how we met” story...

The Florida Keys

You don’t always have to go far to experience something new! The Florida Keys are a string of tropical islands stretching about 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is a fabulous destination for pretty much any personality type, as your time away can be as action-packed or as relaxed as you’d like. Those seeking an adrenaline rush can enjoy a day searching for their next big catch on a fishing charter, snorkelling with tropical fish or diving to explore a famous Florida Keys shipwreck. There are also plenty of art galleries, museums and shops, for those in search of a slightly less active outing. Of course, you can always just spend the whole trip at the beach!

Events & Adventures is an awesome way to meet new people in Vancouver because they bring like-minded people together to enjoy things they have a genuine shared interest for, especially if that interest is travel! Currently, Events & Adventures travels to India, Alaska, New Orleans, Whistler BC, New York City, Florida Keys, England, Eastern Europe, Australia, Morocco, Mexico and even Fiji! So whether you’re newly single or single-and-looking, these Events & Adventures trips present a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a little self-discovery without the stress and pressure of having to plan a trip or travel solo.

To learn more about where you could travel this year, visit

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.