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5 fun and creative ways for singles to make new connections from home

Social distancing is an opportunity to be open and adventurous when it comes to forming new connections. Events & Adventures brings you some unique and fun ideas for socially interacting with other singles while still remaining at a physical distance.
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In our current reality of social distancing as the new norm, how we interact with each other has changed. As we practice self-isolation, socializing has shifted to the virtual world, with FaceTime check-ins with our families and group video calls with our friends becoming part of our regular routines.

In the same light, having to be at home doesn’t mean that singles can’t still meet new people. At a time when we are all advised to keep our physical distance from others, our approach to making new connections must adapt to these temporary changes. Online dating now lacks the human touch without being able to meet your match in person, so what can singles do to stay connected? 

This is an opportunity to be open and adventurous when it comes to forming new friendships and new relationships! We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to bring you some unique and fun ideas on how you can press play instead of pause on social interactions with other singles, while maintaining physical distancing. Through online events and activities, staying in is the new going out!

Online coffee chats, happy hours, and dinner parties

Online hangouts are a casual way to meet new people and have great conversations while relaxing after a long day of working from home. From online coffee chats and happy hours to something with a bit more preparation involved like online picnics or dinner parties, you can break the ice by bonding over food and drinks and really get to know the people on the other side of the screen. You can initiate online get-togethers by inviting your friends to invite their friends, or you can expand your social circle even more by joining Events & Adventures’ regularly scheduled happy hours.

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Online trivia competitions 

Through online trivia, you can keep your mind stimulated by learning new fun facts and getting a glimpse into the interests of the people you’re hanging out with. Wow the group with your expertise on Broadway musicals and be intrigued by your teammate’s in-depth knowledge about B.C. politics. The odds of finding someone with a shared interest in a topic you’re both passionate about are high, or someone you meet could help you with something you’ve always wanted to learn more about or try out. You can host your own trivia night with friends or expand your horizons by joining Events & Adventures’ single members in their trivia events.

Online movie nights 

Sure, you could re-watch Avengers: End Game or start binge-watching the new Tiger King documentary on your own, but why not make it more fun and social by making it an online movie night or watch party? Set the time and date for your virtual screening and extend the invite to your circle of friends. Get a text chain or video call going simultaneously so you can share commentary as you all watch together. But if you’d like to meet new people, virtual events like these are helping singles meet and stay social at Events & Adventures.

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Online cooking classes

With Events & Adventures’ virtual cooking classes, you can pick up a new skill and make new connections along the way as you go through a recipe together, and all from the comfort and familiarity of your own kitchen. Once our social lives make the shift back into the offline world, what better way to follow up with the new friends you made than by offering to make dinner or bake desserts for them? 

Online comedy nights

In tough and uncertain times, laughter is the best medicine. Through Events & Adventures’ online comedy club, you can find some relief from the outside world by bonding together with a group of people over stand-up comedy, improv, and a whole lot of jokes. You just might meet that someone who shares the same weird sense of humour as you! 

Even though we’re all committed to physical distancing at the present, there’s no reason to forgo sticking with our commitment to being open to meeting new people this year.

Thanks to social clubs like Events & Adventures, singles can adapt to the current times while still making themselves available to having fun and making memories with new friends, and perhaps even that special someone. And just think about it -- when life finally goes back to normal, you’ll have a great “how we met” story to share! 

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