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This orthodontics provider in Burnaby and Surrey offers successful results for the whole family

SmileTown Orthodontics is featured in the 2023 Profiles of Excellence Magazine
SmileTown Orthodontics

Led by Dr. Nicki De Francesco, with locations in Burnaby and Surrey, SmileTown Orthodontics is a family-friendly practice that prides itself on professionalism. Utilizing its cutting-edge technology and comfortable, safe space, Dr. De Francesco and her team ensure that patients receive the utmost in orthodontic care.

For the past three years, sharing her time at both locations, Dr. De Francesco (also known as Dr. Nicki) has combined her position as an orthodontist with her role as a part-time professor at the University of British Columbia. Before that, she was a general dentist for many years in Ottawa before returning to university to become a certified specialist in orthodontics. 

Now, with 27 years in the business, she's essentially seen it all in her field of expertise but is still excited and inspired by the industry's capacity for growth and the best methods for helping her patients. 

Dr. De Francesco is passionate about the newest innovations, particularly robotics and artificial intelligence, but maintains that technology aside, the importance of a good bite will never change. 

“It’s so important for comfort as we age, and a beautiful smile increases self-esteem and opens doors to new opportunities,” she says. For her, there is the work and the satisfaction it provides her in her career. However, more importantly, the life-changing outcome for her patients when treatment is complete brings her the most fulfillment and pride.

SmileTown has patients as young as seven years old. Still, the age range averages eight to 10 years old and extends to teens right up to adults, meaning children and their parents are often treated here simultaneously, depending on their orthodontic needs and desired outcome. 

“There are no age barriers to orthodontics. As long as one has healthy gums and jawbone levels, orthodontics can be performed at any age,” describes Dr. De Francesco, reassuring adults who may think of the possibility of getting braces as a ship that has sailed due to age. Rest assured, it is never too late to improve one’s dental health, not to mention the aesthetic results.

Metal braces are still an option, as they have been for decades. However, clear and coloured braces are continuing to gain popularity, as well as the Invisalign removable braces brand, which the SmileTown team are experts at, presenting several viable options. Patients who are parents, their kids, dentists and orthodontists agree on one thing: dental health is crucial for a complete health picture. 

Studies even show that the health of our teeth and gums affects our overall health, not just our mouths. 

SmileTown works closely with numerous general dentists and pediatric dental specialists in the Burnaby and Surrey communities. Considered a trusted source of quality orthodontics treatment earned over the years by patients who put themselves in the hands of their team of experts, SmileTown takes great pride in what they do. 

Dr. De Francesco also finds time to work with disadvantaged young people, and her spirit of inclusivity is a positive influence on many.

“Orthodontic treatment is life-changing,” says Dr. De Francesco. “I love putting the smile puzzle pieces together to achieve that beautiful, symmetrical, and harmonious bite and smile we all want.”

SmileTown Orthodontics is featured in the 2023 Profiles of Excellence Magazine