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Never miss an important moment at home again with this smart monitoring solution

With constant live, high-quality video monitoring from TELUS Custom Security Systems, it will seem like you’re really there, no matter where you are.
A sense of home, from anywhere.

Life can be overwhelming at times and demand a lot of your attention, whether that’s from a hectic work schedule or other responsibilities. But nobody wants to miss important moments at home because of it.

There’s an easy solution to this problem, believe it or not. 

By installing HD video monitoring cameras on your property, both inside and outside, you’ll be able to tune into continuous live feeds, all from one platform on your smart devices. With crystal clear video monitoring, it will seem like you’re really there and catching everything that’s going on. 


No matter where you are or what time of day it is, your video monitoring system will be constantly recording. Since the system is fully-connected on one platform that’s accessible from your smartphone, the feed will stream directly to you at any given time. 

With effective cameras and live accessible recordings, you can tune into the home and check on your kids after school to see if they’re doing their homework and chores (and see if they’re happy about it). 

Security camera visibility is key when planning to install a system. With cameras that are capable of remaining high-quality when faced with issues of brightness, weather and more, you can rely on the video monitoring system.

Peace of mind awareness. Photo provided by TELUS.


Anytime someone enters your house or comes to the front door, doorbell cameras will capture it and allow you to access live-stream footage of the action on your smart devices. 

The doorbell can be set-up to send you recorded clips of the kids getting home from school so you can check in to make sure they’re safe and see who they’re with. 

Since the cameras are crystal clear, you’ll be able to see their facial reactions and identify exactly what they’re feeling and how the day went. 

Once they realize they’re on camera they might even give you a wave! 


If there happens to be a break-in or a package is stolen from your front porch while you are not home, the cameras are recording it. 

If motion-activated notifications are set-up, anything out of the ordinary that happens will be brought to your attention immediately. 

In any situation that might be questionable, you’ll have the evidence and proof necessary to take appropriate action. Plus, local authorities are contacted immediately if your system is breached. 

Indoor and outdoor cameras to meet your needs. Photo provided by TELUS.


With constant live, high-quality video monitoring indoors and outdoors as well as a doorbell camera, you can still catch the moments you don’t want to miss despite your busy schedule as if you’re really there. 

TELUS Custom Security Systems offers over 200 years of acquired industry experience to build tailored home automation and security systems to meet your unique needs. 

Featuring best-in-class quality video, analytics, access control and integration with innovative solutions of the future, TELUS Custom Security Systems remotely protects your personal sanctuary with personalized customer service every step of the way.

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