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The world’s fastest-growing coding school for kids expands across Vancouver

Code Ninjas is opening on the West Side with an open house on April 5 to 7, and another location in East Vancouver, with an open house from April 12 to 14
Code Ninjas is hosting open house events at their two new Metro Vancouver locations in April, offering families a chance to explore the coding schools. Photo via Code Ninjas

So your kid is a whiz at computers, an avid gamemaster, or dreams of someday creating the next big video game franchise?

It’s never too early to guide your child on the path towards their future career goals, especially in the fast-paced and ever-changing digital world. By enrolling your aspiring tech genius into a coding school for kids, you can help turn their screen time into something productive.

Code Ninjas is the tech education centre that offers fun and collaborative extra-curricular programs for children aged five to 15. The programs are designed to teach kids the fundamental concepts of computer programming and guides students in the practice of coding through interactive projects – such as the development of their own video games.

With over 400 Code Ninjas locations throughout North America and Europe, including 16 locations across B.C., Code Ninjas is the largest children’s coding school franchise of its kind in the world.

Code Ninjas will be hosting open house events at their two brand new locations in Metro Vancouver, allowing families to get a first look and find out more about the coding schools. The Vancouver West Side location open house will take place from April 5 to 7, while the East Vancouver location open house will be held from April 12 to 14.

Code Ninjas two new locations open this spring, and offer aspiring students the opportunity to learn coding, create video games, and enjoy themselves. Photo via Code Ninjas

Cracking the code for digital literacy

Code Ninjas not only specializes in comprehensive and in-depth coding education for kids but also covers a broad spectrum of subjects including STEM, Robotics and other related topics.

Using IMPACT, their proprietary learning platform created in partnership with Microsoft, Code Ninjas provides aspiring young coders with hands-on training in the programming languages used in the development of video games, apps, and websites, such as JavaScript, C#, and Unity. In addition to writing code and learning syntax, the curriculum offers instruction in other key concepts that are involved in the role of a coder, including workflow version control, testing, troubleshooting, and debugging. 

Inspired by the progression path in martial arts, each Code Ninjas Dojo employs a unique Ninja Belt System in the facilitation of the educational path. Beginning with the White Belt, young ninjas, with the assistance of Senseis, unlock new coding skills and  concepts at each level as they work their way up to the coveted Black Belt.

Upon graduation from the program, students will be indie developers and will have published their very own game as their final capstone project as a Black Belt Ninja.

Code Ninjas, the world’s largest kid's coding franchise, boasts 400+ locations across Canada, the US, and the UK. Photo via Code Ninjas

Developing essential soft skills

Students will not only learn valuable coding fundamentals, but they will also gain a set of essential soft skills – such as collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity – that will aid them in their futures.

Coding is a process of trial and error, which students will experience first-hand as they circle through rounds of failures and successes as they find new solutions to complex issues. This allows them to gain perseverance and self confidence in the face of challenges, which will help them excel in any environment.

In learning how to write the code for themselves, young coders will become active creators with the ability to thrive in our technology-driven world and build a better tomorrow using the power of their knowledge.

Summer camps and birthday parties

Code Ninjas summer camps offer a fun and educational way to keep your child engaged during the summer months. Camps are designed to provide kids with hands-on learning experiences in coding and game design, as well as a range of other tech-related fields, with workshops covering STEM, Ninja Robotics with LEGO®, 3D printing, AI development, creative design, and more. Much like the standard Code Ninjas coding school program, summer camps deliver a comprehensive curriculum led by experienced instructors in small classes. Visit Code Ninjas Summer Camp pages to book your child at the East Vancouver location or Vancouver West Side location.

For a birthday celebration your child and their friends won't soon forget, Code Ninjas hosts birthday parties that combine fun activities with educational experience. Your birthday child and their guests will have the opportunity to participate in interactive coding activities and challenges, sparking their creativity and problem-solving skills. Party packages can be customizable to suit your child's preferences and your budget, and the Code Ninjas will take care of everything from setup to cleanup. Parents can arrange a Code Ninjas Birthday Party for their kid at their East Vancouver location or their Vancouver West Side location.

With 16 locations across B.C., Code Ninjas continues to expand throughout Metro Vancouver. Don't miss the open house events for their two new Vancouver locations: April 5-7 for Vancouver’s West Side and April 12-14 for East Vancouver. To learn more about how Code Ninjas can nurture your child’s coding potential, visit