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The ultimate itinerary for a weekend in Harrison Hot Springs with your friend

It even includes eagle-watching from a boat!

 Harrison Village/ShutterstockHarrison Village/Shutterstock

You have cabin fever and you're dying to escape.

You'd like to visit a place that offers an infusion of all the things you love: Nature, delicious food, beautiful accommodations, and spectacular amenities. Having all these things at your fingertips is not only a sign that you've found a great getaway, but a place that feels like home, too.

The idea feels out of reach, but you'll be happy to know that it isn't. Just a one and a half hour drive outside of Vancouver is Harrison Hot Springs, the ultimate place for a weekend getaway with a friend.

To show you what you can do in Harrison Hot Springs we've created an itinerary that's perfect for getting away this winter.

Drive to Harrison Hot Springs

You and your friend are about to embark on a relaxing drive to Harrison Hot Springs so you don't mind getting up early. You grab a steaming hot coffee to-go and before you know it, you're ready to hit the road.

This is a quick, scenic drive. Harrison Hot Springs is only one and a half hours from downtown Vancouver, so you'll enjoy the ride there. Hit the Trans-Canada Highway and with a few turns closer to the end, you'll have reached your destination. Easy.

Eat breakfast

Muddy Waters Cafe/VIA

In the big city you can get a little bored by the same old restaurants. Given this, you're on a mission to discover a unique breakfast experience that you've been vying for, so you roll up to the Muddy Waters Cafe.

Muddy Waters Cafe is a cozy place where you can sip on a wide variety of hot caffeinated beverages. But what makes this place so attractive is its sumptuous menu items. You'll find exactly that when you visit for breakfast - highly recommended is the hot, toasty breakfast sandwich, but chances are you'll love whatever it is that you order.

Go Bald Eagle watching on a boat

 View from the boat/VIAView from the boat/VIA

It's time for an adventure.

The lake is glistening, fog is curling around the bright green and blue mountains. As you walk down the docks to get on the boat for a Bald Eagle watching tour, you realize there is nothing quite like this place. As the captain takes you for a ride, the ocean plays host to your presence with salmon leaping into the sky. This is a truly mystical experience, especially during the colder months. You can layer on the complementary fleece blankets as the fresh air ruffles through your hair.


But it gets better.

Because now you're getting glimpses of stunning Bald Eagles...everywhere. They're perched on treetops so quietly - only to nosedive toward the water. This is because they're rather hungry during this time of the year, and you can tell because they're feeding upon the salmon which are spawning within the depths of the water below. You won't just see one or two Bald Eagles - you will see massive clans and it's a scene that you'll remember forever. This activity is offered by Harrison Eco Tours - sign up so you don't miss out!

Relax in the Public Pool

 Public Pool/VIAPhoto: V.I.A.

You're in Harrison Hot Springs so it goes without saying that you need to visit the hot springs. But before you make a decision on where to go, consider the public pool. Don't be fooled - this isn't just any ordinary community pool. And that's because you'll be enjoying hot springs water, an experience that makes you feel as though you've just visited a spa.

The area is quiet and provides a great atmosphere for having casual conversations. This is the perfect place for soaking up the local culture and meeting locals. Admission to the public pool is just $10 and towel rental is $4.50 - and that means you can spend more money on dinner later!

Walk the Spirit Trail

 Spirit Trail/VIASpirit Trail/VIA

The mystical mountains at Harrison Hot Springs are calling. You're eager to get your legs moving and you'd like to do it on a trail that you can't find anywhere else. After taking recommendations, you hit the magnificent Spirit Trail. Extending for just one kilometre, it takes you only 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It's great for finding your zen after a busy day of activities - its lush trees towering above you.

But you'll never guess as to what makes this trail so special, and that's the beautiful masks that the trees show off as you pass by. You'll be able to see several dozens, in fact! Epic.

You can reach this trail by walking down McCoombs drive for approximately 2 kms or parking on the side of the road near the trail head.

Check into the Harrison Beach Hotel

Junior Suite/Harrison Hotel

Harrison Beach Hotel offers a spectacular vantage point for gazing at the illustrious lake. Accommodation is affordable and the staff is incredibly friendly - always willing to give you the goods on the hottest spots around town.

But perhaps what's one of the greatest selling points is its rooms. The junior suites leave lots of space for movement, and come with a balcony that lets you see all the magic of Harrison Hot Springs from above.

 View from Harrison Beach Hotel/VIAView from Harrison Beach Hotel/VIA

There's also lots of natural light and when night does come, you'll feel right at home nestling in the soft covers of a King-sized bed. Conveniently there's a comfortable pull-out sofa for your friend to rest their head.


Black Forest Restaurant/Facebook

The Black Forest Restaurant serves the finest of German food. And you're super excited, especially given that you've been active today! You're more than ready to load up on the appetizers.

 Wine/Black Forest RestaurantWine/Black Forest Restaurant

Try the Spatzle Nordsee - a delicious dish of hot German pasta with shrimp, scallops, and crab meat in a white wine sauce. And make sure you ask for the Black Forest mushroom caps - they come topped with shrimp and crab meat, baked with bearnaise and melted cheese.

Black Forest restaurant’s Schnitzel/VIA

But that's not all - now it's time for a main. Get ready for a New York steak and schnitzel topped with mushroom sauce and served with red cabbage.

The talented chefs at the Black Forest Restaurant will cook your steak perfectly, just the way you want it. The schnitzel? This heavenly food menu item is just the right amount of crispy, with tender and savoury meat inside.

You won't find a place that's quite like Black Forest Restaurant.

Say goodbye


The next morning you take a look at Harrison Lake and the emerald green trees covering the gigantic mountains. You've been in Harrison Hot Springs for just one night, but its abundance of activities have kept you busy.

Waving goodbye to Harrison Hot Springs, you utter the words "I can't wait to come back."

To start planning your trip with a friend, contact Tourism Harrison for more information. You can stay informed about Harrison Hot Springs via its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.