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You can stop hair loss in its tracks with this new online health service in Vancouver

XYON Health makes it convenient to access Health Canada-approved medications, compounded prescriptions and non-prescription products like DHT blocking shampoos and conditioners to start managing hair health today
XYON elevates your hair care routine with quality hair care products and prescription solutions for hair loss.

It’s estimated that half of men in the world will experience hair loss by age 50. Approximately 40 percent of those men will experience visible hair loss by the age of 35, while 25 percent will notice the first signs of hair loss before the age of 21.

Despite affecting half of the male population, hair loss still remains something men are afraid to talk about or even openly address. Instead, they are opting for baseball caps and strategic hair styling while hoping the problem just goes away.

Fortunately, you can now take charge of your hair health from the comfort and privacy of your home.

XYON Health is a new digital health company that empowers customers to take control of their hair-loss journey via access to medical consultations and prescription and non-prescription offerings, that can help manage hair health.

Founded by medical doctors specialized in hair restoration and drug development, the online service offers a discrete and compassionate way for men struggling with hair loss get assessed and receive state-of-the-art management in just three easy steps.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Online consultation 

Registering on the XYON Health website takes literally only a few minutes. The intake is completely confidential and will help determine the treatment best suited for you and your hair loss. Once completed, an experienced physician will review your clinical case before recommending a customized treatment.

The company is based in Vancouver and the physicians who will consult with you are matched to your province of residence.

Step 2: Customized prescription

The physician who assesses your case will then discuss the best treatment options with you. These may be Health Canada approved medications or an off-label compounded medication depending on suitability. If prescribed a medication, your prescription will be sent to a pharmacy and prepared just for you. XYON also offers non-prescription hair care solutions like performance shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients that block a key culprit causing hair loss, a hormone known as DHT. All XYON Health treatments are formulated and manufactured in leading North American and European facilities that follow Good Manufacturing Practices.

XYON Performance Shampoo and Conditioner are doctor-formulated, plant-based and not tested on animals. Photo by XYON

XYON also offers something that other hair loss solution companies don’t.

XYON was founded by Dr. Victor Hasson, an internationally renowned, leading hair loss specialist and hair transplant surgeon based here in Vancouver, and Dr. Simon Pimstone, an experienced clinician with over two decades of experience in drug development. XYON utilizes a proprietary technology called SiloxysSystemTM. It is not a drug. Used in solutions prescribed by a physician, SiloxysSystemTM gel is a formulation that can be compounded with active pharmaceutical ingredients to precisely taret ingredients where they are needed while limiting their release into the bloodstream. The goal is to reduce side effects that may be experienced with oral formulations of hair loss medications.

Step 3: Delivery

Access physicians to discuss the best treatment options for you, all in the comfort of your home. Photo by XYON

Prescriptions will be delivered to your door in secure and discreet packaging. And if you’re wondering, shipping on prescriptions is included in the subscription fee so there are no extra costs. The process is simple and free of any awkward trips to the doctor, but does it work? 

Well, depending on the case, results may be seen in as little as three to six months.

Whether you’re currently experiencing male pattern hair loss, thinning, receding, or are looking to take preventative measures when it comes to your hair health, XYON Health is a simple way to get assessed and learn about the treatments best suited for you.

To learn more, or book your online consultation today, visit

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