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You and your friends can get transported into a whole new reality with this VR experience in Vancouver

Bring your social bubble to Zero Latency — the world's most advanced free-roam virtual reality experience — for an epic (and safe) VR adventure you won’t forget!
The world’s most advanced roam-free VR experience. Photo: Zero Latency.

2020 has been… a lot, to say the least. If you’ve been dreaming of escaping from reality and from this year, we don’t blame you. 

So, why not make that wish come true by going on a space mission or fighting in a zombie apocalypse?

Zero Latency is the global leader in virtual reality (VR) entertainment, offering the world's greatest free-roam VR experiences in 45 venues across 22 countries. At the beginning of 2020, they opened their Vancouver location in Mount Pleasant’s Kingsgate Mall and have been continuing to transport players into the virtual world throughout the past few months.  

For this multiplayer VR experience, you can round up the friends within your social bubble for a maximum 8-player game.

Zero Latency’s warehouse-sized open VR space spans over 1500 square feet, giving your group tons of room and freedom to move and explore all that the virtual world has to offer. As a free-roam space, you are fully untethered without any cables or any wires to get tangled with as you immerse yourself in the VR environment that surrounds you. And the clumsy need not worry about bumping into walls and other players while plugged in, as the games are equipped with physical distancing alarms to alert you of any oncoming obstacles.  

Having Zero Latency’s Game Master as your guide makes this all-inclusive and interactive VR experience better than any VR experience you could have at home. 

Upon signing-up, your dedicated and knowledgeable GM will brief your team on your mission, orientate you with the various weapon shooting and defense modes, and get you geared up with their state-of-the-art custom-made VR tech equipment, including a 4K pro headset, computer backpack, and controller. Their omnipresent voice will also be present through the communications system during the game if your team members need help. And, they will also take videos of you and your crew during game play, which will make for great laughs afterwards. 

Players will also receive a Twitch stream of their in-game experience, so you can relive the memories of your VR experience over and over again.

Zero Latency VR Experience in Action. Photo: Vancouver Is Awesome.

At Zero Latency’s Vancouver headquarters, you can choose from 3 shooter cooperative-style games — with the total VR session lasting for up to 45 minutes. 

Last month, Team Vancouver Is Awesome played Singularity, an interstellar science fiction shooter game perfect for us sci-fi fans. 

In this intergalactic VR experience, your crew is tasked with the mission of investigating what went wrong in a secret military space station. You must battle the rogue robots charging at you and the killer drones hovering around you as you navigate through narrow corridors, treacherous lifts, and zero gravity environments in order to reclaim and save the spaceship — and your squad — from complete destruction.

Using our ultra-performance controller weapon with four blaster modes — which impressed us with its pinpoint accuracy — our team of six ferociously fought against our cybernetic space enemies as they attacked us from the front, behind, and up above. They say in space, nobody can hear you scream, but the chorus of our shouts of sheer terror and fits of uncontrollable laughter echoed throughout the duration of our VR mission.

With unlimited lives, you have the ability to keep playing after your avatar is struck down, so there’s no need to stress about staying alive. In fact, you can even try and beat the current death count record of 23! 

We found that no matter what your objective is in playing Singularity, there’s something in this experience for everyone of all levels and interests. For the newbies in our group, we had a blast shooting laser beams and pretending that we were in Star Wars, along with admiring the reality-altering graphic details of the galaxies. For the mega gamers on our team, there were twists and turns in the final battle that they didn’t even see coming!

So whether you want to play strategically to achieve your goal of landing on the Top 10 scoreboard or you’re just in it to let loose and wreak havoc in the virtual world, Zero Latency is right for you and your team!

After being cooped up indoors for months, this fun outer space VR experience was just the great physical and mental exercise our quarantine team needed. We felt the adrenaline rush long after we came back down to earth from this out of this world adventure!

Zero Latency’s Singularity VR Experience. Photo: Vancouver Is Awesome.

Slayers of the walking dead will enjoy Zero Latency’s two ultra-realistic zombie apocalypse experiences — Outbreak: Origins, one of the most popular VR games of all time, and the brand new reality game show-inspired arcade experience, Undead Arena.

The VR experience provided by Zero Latency sets the standard for a clean and safe indoor activity with your social bubble. Backed by industry leading technology and cleaning protocols, their sanitation practices are top notch, implementing a heavy duty sanitization and disinfection process in-between game play with hospital grade cleaner that kills all bacteria and viruses.

All VR sessions are private and all bookings are spaced out so that interactions are limited between your bubble and the PPE-wearing staff. 

Bring your friends to Zero Latency for an epic new adventure you won’t forget!

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