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3 fantastic furniture colour trends for 2023

Brougham Interiors shares its insights with Vancouver homeowners on this year's most popular colour palettes

Furniture colour trends gradually shift over the years, and 2023 is shaping up to deliver some delightful new options. You can expect furniture shops in Vancouver to showcase some warm and dazzling colours that look both sophisticated and soothing. 

The team at Brougham Interiors is excited to work with the colour palettes gaining popularity among Vancouver homeowners.

1. Warm, Earthy Tones

More and more, people are craving interiors that warm their hearts. As you shop for furniture in Vancouver, you'll encounter numerous shades of brown this year. Designers speaking to Vogue magazine emphasized how much brown is emerging as a warmer alternative to the greys that have dominated for years.

Earth tones go beyond brown and encompass reds and oranges. Deep reds on large statement pieces of furniture like sofas or a pair of lounge chairs have a particular power to revive a room's vibe. The reds featured in home decor stores in Vancouver retain an Earthy quality with their deep shades of oxblood or paprika.

2. Blue and Green

If brown or reddish colours aren't what you had in mind, you can still create a nature-inspired look with blues and greens. Some furniture brands have exciting blue upholstery choices you can view while shopping for a sofa in Vancouver. Although gaining ground as a trend, blue has always been a colour with timeless appeal.

Talk to an interior designer at Brougham Interiors about green to bring the energy of plant life into your home. A green sofa can serve as a statement piece in a room, and most shades are popular right now, such as moss or olive.

3. New Neutral Choices

For a while now, grey has reigned supreme as the in-demand neutral for furniture. Times change, though, and designers and their clients are looking to change things up a bit. 

Cream and beige are starting to take over as the stylish neutrals. If you still want a hint of grey, consider the colour known as mushroom. It's Earthy, neutral, and has a grey undertone.

Personal Attention and Exceptional Selection

Let us help you develop a new look for your home's interior. We offer in-home consultations and digitally scaled drawings to help you see what works best in your space. Come browse our 15,000 square feet of furniture in Vancouver. 

For more information, visit Brougham Interiors online or in-store today.