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5 breakfast restaurants in Vancouver you must try

These breakfast and brunch spots are waiting to seat you

The toughest part of going out for breakfast in Vancouver is deciding where to go. Numerous places excel at getting you ready for the day with a hearty meal, but which restaurants should you absolutely check out for your next brunch adventure?

Whether you want fresh coffee before a busy day or prefer to lounge around with your friends over a refreshing brunch cocktail, a great breakfast restaurant in Vancouver is waiting to seat you.

1. Fable Diner

The great story here is that Fable uses local ingredients whenever possible. Located in the historic Lee Building, the diner specializes in weekday brunch in Vancouver. Along with classic breakfast choices, look for interesting menu items like roast duck pancakes.

Address: 151 E Broadway

2. The Mighty Oak

Good coffee is abundant among places to eat in Vancouver, and this coffee shop and grocery is no exception. If you're not into coffee, you'll find an excellent tea selection at this breakfast restaurant in Vancouver. After eating, browse through The Mighty Oak’s specialty grocery for interesting goodies to take home.

Address: 198 W. 18th Avenue

3. Eggs & Co.

With eggs in the name, you know this has to be a place laser focused on serving breakfast. This cozy spot helps to give the street its unique identity as a micro-neighborhood known as the Fraserhood. The menu is packed with sweet and savoury breakfast dishes, so stop by for breakfast or brunch any time of the day. When the Raincouver weather allows, you can relax in Eggs & Co.’s outdoor seating. 

Address: 4245 Fraser Street

4. Le Marché St. George

This busy breakfast restaurant in Vancouver attracts locals and tourists alike. Le Marché St. George’s menu includes a variety of gourmet and vegetarian choices. You can also come by to satisfy your sweet tooth at the pâtisserie, as well as order your standard drink or discover something new at the coffee bar. They seat on a first come first serve basis, so come early!

Address: 4393 St. George Street

5. Pur & Simple

As the name suggests, the interior of Pur & Simple is bright and elegant. In the kitchen, every dish made is an artisanal creation. From a light and simple order of avocado toast to a rich plate of buttermilk pancakes, everything served is crafted for your pleasure.

Beverages include the mandatory coffee, as well as smoothies and cocktails. Drink up to wash down generous plates of omelettes, homemade waffles, and eggs Benedict. Plan a memorable breakfast outing with Pur & Simple today.

Address: 299 East 10th Avenue, Unit L 120