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Understanding cremation: A comprehensive guide

Everden Rust Funeral Services offers a wide variety of options, including cremation, to suit the needs and preferences of your family
Everden Rust Funeral Services can walk you and your family more fully through the various cremation options available to you.

The death of a loved one is never easy. However, you can make this time of loss less stressful by understanding the funeral services available to you and your family. Cremation in Kelowna is becoming a popular choice for many for its various benefits and the options it offers. 

This guide aims to provide helpful context and information to help you understand more about cremation to ensure you can make an informed decision regarding the disposition of a loved one.

What to consider with cremation 

If you've read recent Penticton obituaries, you've probably seen that many local residents are choosing cremation for their end-of-life plans. Cremation services offer a number of choices in the remembrance of a loved one. It is also often less expensive than a traditional burial while also serving as an environmentally friendly choice that grants a great deal of flexibility.

Family members may decide to keep a portion of the cremated remains in an urn so everyone can feel close and comforted after the loss of the loved one. It's also common to spread the ashes in a favourite or sentimental location. Both are very meaningful ways to cherish the memory of one who has passed.

You may have also seen Kelowna obituaries mention graveside services for individuals who have been cremated. This is a lovely way to obtain the advantages of cremation combined with the traditional funerary celebration of life granted by a burial ceremony. 

Cremated remains can also be buried or entombed in several ways. You may opt to return your loved one's remains to a family plot, mausoleum or other memorial site. An urn memorial garden or within the niche of a columbarium also makes lovely resting places for consideration.

Exploring your options

A professional funeral service provider like Everden Rust Funeral Services can walk you and your family more fully through the various options available to you. 

The team is happy to assist in guiding your decision and making arrangements as seamless as possible. Contact them today by visiting