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'Big mistake': Vancouverites outraged over Canada dropping its travel mask mandate

"Such a tiny inconvenience to spare so much suffering."
Travellers aboard trains and flights in Canada will no longer have to wear face masks to prohibit the transmission of the coronavirus starting Oct. 1. Residents of Metro Vancouver, B.C. share various reactions to the news.

Scores of Metro Vancouverites are expressing concern over the government's decision to drop the mask mandate in airports and on trains. 

On Monday (Sept. 26), officials announced that Canada will no longer require travellers to show proof of coronavirus vaccination upon entry to the country or enter their information into the ArriveCAN app.

The current Canada travel order will expire on Friday, Sept. 30. 

Transport Canada is also removing its existing travel requirements. As a result, passengers are no longer required to wear masks on domestic and international trains and planes.

While the mandate will expire, the government strongly recommends travellers wear high-quality and well-fitted masks during their journeys — but a great deal of locals feel the suggestion won't be enough to keep travellers safe. 

Vancouverites react to Canada dropping the vaccine mandate and the face mask mandate for travel

Numerous people were relieved to see Canada dropping the vaccine mandate and the ArriveCAN requirement. But several travellers are concerned that COVID-19 cases will start to climb now if face masks are no longer required. 

Ashleigh Rentz noted that B.C. experts are calling for a "bad flu season" in conjunction with the removal of the travel masking requirement. She added that it is a "tiny inconvenience" that can prevent "so much suffering."

Another Vancouver woman said that removing the mask requirement is a "terrible take" and that people "cannot be trusted to not travel when sick."

Johanna Read notes that several things should happen before the government removes mask requirements, including improvements on ventilation as well as new regulations. 

Another local shared his concerns about ventilation, noting that "tourism was actually doing great with the mask mandate" and that air quality has not improved on trains. 

A woman wrote that she has been wearing her N95 masks every time she leaves her house and wouldn't fly anywhere unless it was essential. 

One man added that there are several things people must do when they travel through airports and that not enforcing the mask rule is rather silly. 

Now that the order has been dropped, many people are concerned about their communities, friends, and family. 

On the other hand, some people don't feel that masks are needed because they don't believe they prevent the spread of the virus. Others feel the pandemic has completely ended and they aren't neccessary.