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These are the top 'bucket list' Canadian travel experiences

See some of the most popular ones around the world, too. 🌍
The Rocky Mountaineer and Niagara Falls were popular travel selections in 2022 but many people wanted to view the northern lights and visit Disneyland.

A road-trip through the Rocky Mountains offers spellbinding views of some of the world's most stunning alpine vistas — but travelling through the bucket list destination by train provides a particularly enchanting experience. 

The Rocky Mountaineer's scenic rail tours are popular with tourists and locals alike, offering expansive viewing opportunities through massive glass-dome windows. 

In a recent survey, Planet Cruise surveyed people of all ages to select their favourites among 52 bucket list options. Two Canadian destinations/experiences appeared on the list, including the Rocky Mountaineer train ride conducting journeys between Banff and Vancouver, as well as Niagara Falls in Ontario.

The company notes that the popular rail-tour company is most popular with Baby Boomers, making it on 13 per cent of their lists. 

As one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, attracting a whopping four million visitors annually, Niagara Falls ranked fourth overall. Over a third of folks over 65 have the awe-inspiring rapids on their lists. 

Photo via Rocky Mountaineer

Canada travel and beyond for bucket list experiences

When it comes to destinations around the world, the results varied between age groups. For instance, people aged 18 to 24 sought more adventurous itineraries, such as seeing the Great Barrier Reef, driving Route 66, a Disneyland trip, and taking a husky sleigh ride. 

Travellers in the next demographic (ages 25 to 34), sought slightly different experiences, including going on a hot air balloon ride and visiting every continent in the world, but they also wanted to check out Disneyland. Similarly, travellers aged 35 to 44 also wanted to visit all the continents and check out Disneyland, but they would opt for a northern lights viewing experience over a hot air balloon ride. 

In fact, The northern lights viewing experiences were popular with all of the older age groups. Additionally, both age groups over age 55 wanted to go in a hot air balloon ride, too. 

Photo via Planet Cruise
Photo via Rocky Mountaineer


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