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Photos: This bright turquoise B.C. lake has jaw-dropping mountain views

Have you been here?

One of the most jaw-dropping bodies of water in the world is located in Canada's Rocky Mountains. 

Surrounded by views of soaring mountain ranges and lush forests, Emerald Lake in B.C.'s Yoho National Park Lake dazzles visitors with its hypnotic bright blue-green waters. 

The Emerald Lake Lodge is located on the side of this breathtaking body of water, providing the ideal vantage point to soak in the surrounding scenery. What's more, it offers a range of amenities and exceptional service that creates a luxurious stay for guests to the mountain accommodation.

The lodge accommodates up to 200 guests and is laid out across the property's 13-acre peninsula. There are 24 cabin-style buildings, and rooms feature private baths, balconies and wood-burning fieldstone fireplaces. In addition, they offer a state-of-the-art steel outdoor hot tub, which has a stunning mountain view and is the perfect place to unwind.

The freshwater lake is a popular destination for travellers throughout the year, offering a range of activities to enjoy including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and boating. 

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk around the lake's perimeter or do a longer hike into the area. There are also camping spots available in several areas throughout the park and space may be booked through BC Park's online reservation portal.

While swimming is possible, it is a glacier lake and the waters remain cold year-round. Swimming in frigid waters is dangerous because cold water drains body heat up to four times faster than cold air. People should exercise extreme caution when easing into these lakes.

"The sudden gasp and rapid breathing alone creates a greater risk of drowning even for confident swimmers in calm waters," according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Travellers to B.C. can either drive to the park, which will involve a full day of travel that takes approximately eight hours, or they can fly to Calgary International Airport and drive up to the park in a rental car. The second option is just over a two-and-a-half-hour drive.

There is also a bus route that will take travellers from Calgary to the park but it involves multiple segments and one taxi, according to Rome2Rio.

Photo via Google Maps