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Flair Airlines pokes fun at WestJet's new UltraBasic fare

"Don’t be ultra basic. Fly Flair."
Flair believes Air Canada and WestJet have been taking notes with lower fare classes, such as WestJet's UltraBasic, that don't include carry-on luggage.

Flair Airlines wants travellers to know it has always offered ultra-low-cost flights - and they seem to be poking fun at one of Canada's top airlines, too. 

Flair prides itself on being Canada's only low-cost carrier, following the closures of other budget options including Lynx Air and WestJet's discount brand, Swoop.

However, Canada's largest airlines have recently implemented low-cost carrier strategies.

Air Canada recently announced that it will start charging its customers for seat selection in the 24-hour check-in period before flights. The airline told V.I.A. the fees, once implemented, are "consistent with our branded fares" and are similar to the policies of other carriers in Canada. It also said customers who didn't care about where they were seated didn't have to pay extra, allowing them to save on costs.

WestJet implemented its new UltraBasic fare on May 4 to replace its Basic one. The new fare doesn't include a piece of carry-on luggage and customers must board last. Previously, customers with Basic fare tickets could bring a complimentary carry-on luggage and a personal item.

The carrier says customers who don't need a carry-on bag can now avoid paying higher prices for tickets with them. But many travellers feel the new fare shortchanges them, removing some of the in-flight perks without much if any price difference. 

Flair reacts to Canadian airlines implementing the low-cost-carrier model

Flair has never included bags or seat selection in its lowest-fare class. However, the budget airline typically features flights priced significantly less than its competitors. 

On June 6, the ultra-low-cost carrier shared a sassy post on X, formerly Twitter, about its affordable offerings. 

"Don’t be ultra basic. Fly Flair," the airline quipped.

"Unlike the others, we've always proudly offered ultra-affordable fares for all. We believe everyone deserves access to low-cost fares with flexibility and customizable experiences."

While they didn't mention WestJet, Flair alluded to the airline's new fare class "UltraBasic," and pointed out that it already uses the a lá carte low-cost-carrier model.