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Hot deal: You can fly from Vancouver to Hawaii and Australia for half price

Two for the price of one.
Get cheap flights from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia, and Honolulu, Hawaii for the price of one using Google Flights and other travel tips.

Travellers looking to break up the long flight from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia can enjoy a stopover in a tropical oasis for less than half the price of a regular ticket. 

Whether you’ve ever wanted to watch a troop of kangaroos hop across the outback, or you simply want to enjoy the view from the iconic Sydney Opera House, Australia offers endless things to see and do.

But flights to the bucket-list destination typically cost a pretty penny from Vancouver. 

Return flights from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to the Sydney Airport (SYD) in Australia typically start anywhere from $1,900 to $2,500, with prices fluctuating based on peak travel time. 

For example, a flight that departs Vancouver on Oct. 14 and returns from Sydney a couple of weeks later on Oct. 28 costs $1,914.09 including taxes and fees; both of the flights are direct. 

The average cost of round-trip airfare from YVR to SYD with direct flights. Photo via Google Flights

Cheap flights from Vancouver to Hawaii and Australia  

Locals looking to save money on the cost of a return trip to Australia can enjoy a stopover in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the way over. By doing this, they shave over half the price off the cost of the regular ticket price. 

To book this deal, use the Google Flights Price Calendar to select dates that work best with your trip and offer the lowest price. You'll need to book Hawaii flights separately from Australia. 

For the Hawaii portion, a flight that departs Vancouver on Oct. 29 and returns from Honolulu on Nov. 22 costs a total of $406.70 including all taxes and fees. The least expensive flights for similar trips to Honolulu usually cost between $580 and 1,700, according to Google Flights' Vancouver data. 

Photo via WestJet
Photo via WestJet

After you have found your Hawaii flights, you can select the Australia trip that matches your travel dates. For the aforementioned Hawaii flights, a trip to the land down under with Jetstar that departs from Honolulu on Nov. 4 and returns from Sydney on Nov. 18 costs a total of US$320.99 including tax and fees. This works out to approximately C$424.19, based on the current conversion rate. 

Photo via Google Flights
Photo via Jetstar