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Map: Sail on an epic, 3-year-long 'world cruise' that visits Vancouver at a steal

Use an interactive map to see the itinerary that visits 7 continents and stops in 375 destinations.
The Life at Sea Cruises voyage created by Miray Cruises stops in Vancouver, B.C., and visits seven continents with stops in 375 destinations.

While many Vancouverites plan on going on a bucket-list trip after they retire, it isn't always an affordable option. 

The price of month-long vacations can get pretty steep, especially if they are located in highly sought-after destinations or include transportation to various cities or countries — and that's where cruising comes in. 

On virtually any major ocean liner, the cost per diem for the journey goes down the longer that you stay at sea. There are a couple of short repositioning cruises up the Pacific coast that offer comparable per diem prices, but generally the longer the voyage the less you pay. 

For example, a 31-day cruise from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia with Princess Cruises costs $4,366.24 per person including all taxes and fees. This price works out to roughly $140.85 a day. Similarly, a 32-night cruise from Vancouver to Barcelona, Spain with Cunard Cruises costs $3,572.61 per person, which works out to a per diem cost of $111.64. 

Not only do these prices include the cost of your transportation on a beautiful five-star vessel, but it also includes meals, entertainment, snacks and lodging. The only thing it doesn’t factor in is alcohol, but you may opt to purchase a drink package that can reduce the cost of your spending.

Life at Sea Cruises offers a unique retirement option

While it won't last the entirety of your retirement, you can spend a whopping three years at sea covering over 130,000 miles with a new option called Life at Sea Cruises by Miray Cruises, owned by Miray International. The voyage takes guests on a quintessential "bucket-list" journey, visiting 13 of 14 "world wonders" — depending on what list of "world wonders" you consult. 

You can view an interactive map of the cruise itinerary with Google Earth, outlining the route to seven continents with stops in 375 destinations. Guests will sail on the revitalized MV Gemini, which has 400 cabins with room for up to 1,074 passengers.

The "Around the World in 3 Years" cruise disembarks on Nov. 1, 2023, from Istanbul, Turkey's vibrant capital city. It will take guests on a journey through South America and Antarctica, the Caribbean and Central America, Asia, the South China Sea, and through the South Pacific, Australia, Europe and North America.

The cruise will also overnight in Vancouver on July 8, 2024, before it overnights in Victoria on July 9, 2024. After this, it will make its way to Alaska, where it will visit several destinations until Aug. 24, 2024.

Described as "the first reasonably priced, all-inclusive world cruise," prices start at $29,999 per year and include access to all onboard dining options, wine with dinner, soft drinks, juice, tea, coffee, a golf simulator, entertainment, performances, high-speed internet, port fees, taxes, free friends and family visits, gym, laundry and more. 

Find out more information about Life at Sea Cruises online.

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