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Hot deal alert: You can fly from Los Angeles to Vancouver for only $59

Find out how to score this low-cost option.

Vancouverites flying home from the City of Angels can take advantage of a jaw-dropping deal through Flair Airlines. 

Canada's third-largest airline offers the best deal on the popular route connecting Vancouver and Los Angeles but the one-way outbound flights cost more than one-way inbound flights. 

If you plan on taking a train down the coast to California, or you've been in California and want to take a flight home, expect to pay at least $30 more for your ticket. 

For example, a one-way ticket departing on Wednesday, April 24 from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is $59 with Flair Airlines (see slide two).

The price is considered "low" for an economy ticket and is about $57 cheaper than usual, according to Google Flights (see slide three). 

Several other dates throughout the month show the flight available for $69 from LAX to YVR.

From YVR to LAX, the cheapest tickets available start around $94 for a one-way flight with Flair Airlines (see slide four). 

This option is also ideal for people who fly into another airport, such as San Diego or San Francisco, and then fly home from Los Angeles. If you try to book the flights together on the same ticket, they may cost more. 

What prices do other airlines have on flights from Vancouver to Los Angeles?

Flair Airlines offers prices on flights from Vancouver and Los Angeles that start at $60 lower than other airlines. 

For example, Air Canada and United Airlines have the next cheapest tickets for flights departing on Wednesday, April 24, with prices starting at $149 (see slide five).

Travellers can book round-trip tickets from Vancouver to Los Angeles for as little as $163. However, they may need to book the tickets separately (two one-way tickets), rather than booking them on the same itinerary. 

The cheapest options with other airlines will start at over $200 round-trip.