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What B.C. travellers need to know about Mexico's new smoking ban

You won't be able to light up at your leisure. Does this change your vacation plans?
The Canadian government updated its Mexico advisory in January 2023, stating that the country has banned smoking in all public places.

Travellers who enjoy sipping a cold beer and smoking a cigarette in Mexico will have to butt out before their next visit. 

The Canadian government updated its Mexico advisory on Jan. 20, stating that the country has banned smoking in all public places effective January 2023. 

Some of the places tourists can no longer smoke in include beaches, parks, hotels, and restaurants. If you are caught smoking in public, you may be fined.

The advisory also notes that electronic or vaping devices and solutions are illegal in Mexico. People who are caught with these items may have them confiscated and may also be fined or detained. 

The Canadian government stresses that "penalties for breaking the law in Mexico can be more severe than in Canada, even for similar offences."

Additionally, many petty crimes, including public urination, failure to pay a bill, or disorderly behaviour, may result in a 72-hour detention by police. Travellers may be released early by paying a fine, but it is best to avoid this scenario. 

The new anti-tobacco laws are some of the "strictest" in the world, according to the BBC. Smokers may only smoke in their homes or other private places.