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This B.C. beach ranked among the best beaches in the world

It was the only Canadian one to make the list.
The Vancouver weather forecast hasn't provided a great deal of sun in June 2022. But Long Beach on Vancouver Island will see lots of visitors this summer.

Summer might be off to a slow start in Vancouver — but once it comes — elated locals will flood the city's beaches in droves. 

While it might feel like Metro Vancouver only has two seasons (one very long rainy one punctuated with a very brief, albeit decidedly gloriously sunny one), the region generally has a few more pleasant spring days. 

Environment Canada isn't calling for a particularly toasty kick-off to summer, either. The region isn't expected to see hot weather until sometime in the first 10 days of July

This cooler-than-average forecast means that throngs of locals looking for suntans will descend on beaches the moment the sun's golden rays grace Metro Vancouver with some sizzling temperatures. 

But according to a new ranking, the best in B.C. isn't located in Vancouver...or anywhere on the mainland. 

The list is compiled by BeachAtlas, a London-based startup that collects data about beaches based on various criteria. It ranked 100 beaches around the world, including everywhere from the most famous beaches in Europe to the sandy beaches of Thailand to the tropical shores of Hawaii. 

The ranking considers idyllic locations that offer the best chance to unwind, grab an "Insta-worthy" snap, or enjoy a getaway with activities galore. 

Vancouver beaches and beyond 

The only B.C. selection on the list is Long Beach, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was also the only Canadian shore to appear in the ranking, placing 33rd overall. 

As the longest and largest stretch of beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, the breathtaking shore spans a whopping 10 kilometres. It is part of three sections of the park, between Ucluelet and Tofino.   

BeachAtlas quips that it isn't "hard to tell where Long Beach gets its name from," noting that it is also known as the "surf capital of Canada." 

"This name stems from its popularity among surfers, who gather here to enjoy the beaches' large waves and consistent temperature throughout the entire year," state report authors. 

The jaw-dropping shores of Bora Bora swept up the top spot on the list, known for its stunning, turquoise waters, lush vegetation, and sunny climate, as well as the fact that it is "surrounded by an amazing coral reef and lagoon."

Source d’Argent, a beach located on the La Digue island of Seychelles, followed in the second spot, with the report authors mentioning the beach has white, powdery sand and calm, warm water for swimming. 

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is known as one of mother nature's most astonishing masterpieces, and its adjacent Whitehaven Beach offers picturesque views of the clear, turquoise waters from its sparkling white-sand shore. "You will probably be able to see sea turtles along with the other ocean fauna," remarks BeachAtlas of its third-place selection. 

The company notes that Navagio Beach, its fourth-place choice, is also known as Shipwreck Beach, and is "found on the west coast of Zakynthos island – the southernmost of the Ionian Islands in Greece. The beach lies in an exposed cove that can only be reached by boat."

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