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Deal alert: You can fly from Vancouver to Dublin, Ireland for just $431

Flights are hundreds of dollars less than usual.
Flights to Ireland from Vancouver are significantly cheaper in 2024, with Google Flights showing several low-cost options via WestJet.

You don't need to count on the luck of the Irish to get a cheap flight to the Emerald Isle in the new year.

Flights from Vancouver to Dublin, Ireland in the spring are hundreds of dollars cheaper right now than they typically are through the year. 

Canada's second-largest airline, WestJet, has dropped prices on some key international destinations, allowing travellers to the Lower Mainland to visit cities like London, England for as little as $251.

While many of the cheap WestJet options depart in the winter, there are ultra-low-cost flights to Ireland in the spring, too.

For example, a one-way flight that departs from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on Monday, April 29, 2024, includes two stops, one in Kelowna and one in Calgary, before flying to Dublin Airport (DUB) and costs $431 including all taxes and fees.

To get the $431 deal, travellers need to book the ticket through a third-party supplier. There are a few options around this price point, including the same route and date for $439 and $442. 

The least expensive fights to Dublin typically cost between $580 and $1,100. Flights at this price point are approximately $285 cheaper than usual, according to Google Flights. 

Always read the fine print when booking with a third party and check for reviews online. Book directly with WestJet if anything seems suspicious. While reputable travel agencies come with some perks, such as a priority line for handling flight issues that the public doesn't have access to, other suppliers may make it more difficult for you to make changes to your ticket in the event of an emergency.

Photo via Google Flights/WestJet

Options for cheap flights to Ireland from Vancouver

Travellers who prefer to only make one stop en route to Dublin have an option for only $30 more on the same day (April 29). The flight only includes a short stop in Calgary.

The total cost of the one-way flight from YVR to DUB is $450 including tax and it must also be booked via a third-party supplier. Tickets booked directly with WestJet cost only slightly more, at $477.

Photo via Google Flights/WestJet

Round-trip flights from Vancouver to Dublin are also a steal in April 2024, with prices starting just below $700.

A flight that departs YVR on Monday, April 29, and returns from DUB on Monday, May 6, costs $693 including all taxes and fees. It includes one stop on the outbound trip and one on the return.

Photo via Google Flights/WestJet