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'Quite the saga': Vancouver traveller gets AirPods back after they left airport without him

Air Canada will not say what happened to the AirPods after they left the airport.
A Vancouver man lost his AirPods on an Air Canada flight out of YVR airport to Seattle in early January.

A Vancouverite who watched his AirPods travel outside of the Seattle International Airport (SEA) without him via his iPhone says he's going to be getting them back.

Mauro Francis flew from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to SEA on Jan. 5 for the creation of a North American coalition on homelessness and addiction.

While the traveller isn't sure exactly when he misplaced his AirPods, he told V.I.A. in a previous interview that he thought he may have dropped them while boarding the plane. After misplacing them, he was able to "watch" them travel outside of the Seattle airport to another location and then back again. 

AirPods use similar technology as Apple AirTags, allowing users to keep track of their belongings through its "Find My app" feature.

"When [they] went back to the airport while I was [in] downtown Seattle, it got interesting," he explained. 

"The whole day it went back and forth between the Air Canada baggage check-in area, to the Air Canada south terminal."

Air Canada locates AirPods weeks after Vancouver flights 

Francis reached out to Air Canada before he left Seattle and filed a report. On Jan. 21 - over two weeks after his initial flight - the airline informed him that they had found his AirPods. A couple of days after that he received confirmation that they were being shipped to his home in Vancouver. 

"They didn’t tell me what had happened or how they found them, though," he noted. 

In a Twitter post, Francis described the ordeal as "quite the saga" but also gave a "shoutout to Air Canada" for recovering his lost belongings. 

Air Canada did not comment on the initial incident and has not provided a statement on what happened to the AirPods.