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Watch: This awe-inspiring villa takes you where the 'jungle meets the sea'

Ludacris stayed there and flights are extra cheap from Vancouver.

Fragrant air fills your lungs as you gaze up at the bright beak of an inquisitive toucan curiously watching you from the jungle canopy above your open-air shower. 

This is how your day can begin at a secluded, eco-friendly villa located on a pristine piece of land in the heart of Costa Rica. Surrounded by a vast array of flora and fauna, a variety of rainforest inhabitants visit the accommodation, such as sloths, several species of monkeys, and hundreds of brightly-coloured birds. 

Villa Punto de Vista is located in the Puntarenas Province, on a breathtaking shore "where the jungle meets the sea." A short stroll from the world-famous Manuel Antonio National Park, visitors may enjoy a wealth of activities including hiking, zip-lining, surfing, horseback riding, golfing, bird watching, snorkeling, swimming, boating, and much more. 

Co-owner and architect David Konwiser says sustainability was top of mind when he designed the structure of the villa, as well as what materials to use in its construction. Rather than building several shorter villas, he chose to build them taller to avoid cutting down more trees. They are also built into the sloping hillside, seamlessly integrating them with the natural environment.

The villas are constructed from locally and sustainably harvested teak, as well as rockwork from local quarries. For the exterior finish, white cement was mixed up with ground rocks and recycled glass from wine bottles. 

"I wanted the building to kind of have a little bit of a sheen to it," he tells V.I.A. "The natural fibres from the ceilings are all made by the [Indigenous peoples] of Costa Rica."

Seafood lover's paradise in the heart of Costa Rica

Not only are the building materials locally sourced, but the bed sheets are also made of microfibres created from recycled soda bottles.

"There are at least 20 large soda bottles in each set of sheets," Konwiser remarks, underscoring that they feel as luxurious as the "finest Egyptian cotton sheets."

The villa also has its own water filtration system for rainwater that uses ultraviolet light and salt, meaning guests can "drink the water straight out of the shower." The ocean water will be equally hard to stay out of, however, since its temperature sits at about 28 C year-round, adds Konwiser. 

Breakfasts typically consist of traditional Costa Rican cuisine, while lunches and dinners are best described as "gourmet Pacific Rim." Seafood lovers will enjoy a vast array of fresh fish from the region, such as Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish, and more.  

The smaller accommodation, Villa La Isla, has eight bedrooms, while Villa Punto de Vista has ten bedrooms. Since it is a group-oriented property, many of the guests have destination weddings, family reunions, yoga retreats, and corporate retreats. Big groups of couples also love to visit. 

Is Costa Rica a safe place to visit? 

Costa Rica ranked 38th on the 2022 Global Peace Index, making it the top Latin American in terms of safety. In contrast, Mexico — the second-most-visited travel destination for Canadians outside of the United States — ranked 137th. 

The Canadian government advises travellers to exercise "a high degree of caution" in Costa Rica due to crime. However, guests who stay at the Villa Punto de Vista won't have to worry about arranging transportation to the resort or booking tours on their own. 

Instead, guests can use a portal on the resort website that allows everyone in a large group to enter their flight details, food preferences, and any other requests. From there, the staff will arrange for transfers to and from the airport, as well as any other requests. 

"We don't want our guests to lift a finger," emphasizes Konwiser. "You're getting all the luxury of a private yacht with a crew...but we're all [eco-friendly]."

For travellers looking for an ultimate luxury experience, Villa Punto de Vista offers the "Elysian Escape Experience," including "gourmet chef-prepared meals and libations to a warm can-do staff to authentic travel and cultural experiences." Guests can even take advantage of optional private jet transportation from anywhere in the world.

When is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica?

The best time of year to visit Costa Rica is between December and April, but it does not have a "hurricane season." Many travellers also like to visit the tropical oasis during the country's rainy or green season from May to June or in November when there is less crowding. 

Round-trip flights from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) start for as little as $696 to Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO).