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You can use this Google flights hack to get the cheapest Vancouver flights

The deals are plentiful using this travel tool.
The "Google flights search anywhere" feature can help you get cheap Vancouver flights.

Want to travel somewhere from Vancouver on the cheap?

If you said no, that might be because you are under the impression that cheap flights often mean less-desirable destinations or the usual cheap travel suspects, such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

But there is a special tool that allows travel hopefuls to get to their desired destinations for the cheapest price possible from their hometown. 

While you might not be able to book your flight directly on Google Flights, the software allows you to browse dates for a specified time period for nearly every available airline and destination from Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

To use the tool, open Google Flights and select the "Explore" tab. Enter "Vancouver" as your departing city and then enter "anywhere" in the "going to" field (unless you are specifically wanting to look at one destination). 

Photo via Google Flights

You can specify your travel dates or simply select a "one-week trip in the next six months." Additionally, the filters option has a number of other specifiers, including the airline, the number of stops that you prefer, interests, time, price range, and so forth. 

The interactive map can be expanded and condensed to explore global destinations or focus on more destinations in a smaller geographical range. 

Have a look at a map showing the "Google flights search anywhere" results.

Photo via Google Flights