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'Someone please help us': Vancouverites share luggage horror stories from YVR

The nightmare hasn't ended for folks who attempted to travel over the holidays. And read a Canadian comedienne's hilarious baggage take on a terrible baggage story.
Each airline has a section that deals with lost, delayed, and damaged baggage, including Air Canada, WestJet, Flair, Sunwing, Air Transat, and Swoop. 

Over a week after a couple of potent winter storms slowed operations to a halt at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), hundreds of people are still missing their luggage. 

About 99 per cent of flights are running and about the same percentage of luggage is being processed at the airport and moved out on time, YVR stated in an update Tuesday (Jan. 3). 

But nearly 1,500 pieces of luggage that were misplaced or delayed during the snowstorms still haven't been reunited with their owners. 

Many Metro Vancouverites have taken to social media to express their frustration after attempting to get their bags from the airport. In one instance, a man spent several hours locating his checked baggage even though the plane never left the ground; the flight was cancelled after he had checked it with WestJet due to inclement weather. 

Heading into the airport, a Toronto woman said she spent days in Vancouver over the Christmas holidays without her carry-on luggage that Air Canada had promised would meet her at YVR after she landed; it contained her daughter's life-saving medication.

After returning to the airport to look for their Air Canada luggage, the frustrated traveller noticed that there wasn't any security around and was concerned that someone stole it. The family located the carry-on luggage on Boxing Day, Dec. 26, which was four days after their flight landed in Vancouver.

Now, multiple travellers are still waiting for their luggage to arrive several days into the new year. In some instances, people have been waiting upwards of 10 days to receive their bags. 

Aimee Bachand tweeted that WestJet says it is available to chat with customers 24/7 but that she has tree unanswered messages. 

Another person took to the social media platform to note that there was only one representative working at the Flair Airlines desk that deals with check-ins and luggage submissions. They added that "this is the major reason why flights are delayed."

A man says his brother only received his luggage on Monday (Jan. 2) after flying from Berlin, Germany over a week ago on Dec. 20, 2022. After spending a few days in Vancouver, he was informed that his bags were in Calgary and that they would be delivered to him.

While they were never delivered to him, he was able to collect them from the airport on Monday. 

Wintry Vancouver weather created long-term luggage chaos at YVR

Scores of other travellers to YVR say they've spent a great deal of money on personal items while in the city without their luggage. Further, they aren't hearing any communication from the major airlines on what will happen next. 

In one tweet, a group that flew from New Zealand said that they were instructed to call a phone number. After multiple attempts with no one answering the phone, a woman from the group tweeted: "Can someone please help us?"

Some travellers are attempting to inject some levity into an otherwise stressful and costly situation, however.

A Toronto comedian had a comedic take on her lost luggage situation with WestJet. She spoke about her missing belongings as if they were a lover, crafting her tweets with poetic flair. 

In response to her passionate quips, Canada's second-largest airline wrote in a tweet: "Diana, your desire sends shivers down our spine, and we are moving heaven and earth to reunite you with your beloved. Please sweetly whisper in a private message your baggage claim number, reservation code, WestJet Rewards ID and email address."

Passengers who arrive without the luggage should follow up with their airline and start a claim for their checked bag. They can do that at the airport or online with the airline, according to YVR. 

Each airline has an online section that deals with lost, delayed, and damaged baggage, including Air CanadaWestJetFlairSunwingAir Transat, and Swoop

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With files from Maria Rantanen.