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A massive tree fell near Vancouver's Seawall, and witnesses managed to catch it on video

The video sparked a pretty entertaining Reddit thread.
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 8.22.12 PM
Screenshot, Reddit/@markuswolfus

If a tree falls in the middle of Vancouver and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? 

Guess we'll never know, because witnesses didn't just hear a massive tree fall near the seawall today - they managed to catch it on film. 

Reddit user @markuswolfus posted a video of the event to the social media platform at around noon on Saturday, July 4. In it, the sound of wood beginning to split is clearly audible, while close-up shots show gaps in the tree's trunk, until a massive portion of the tree finally snaps off and falls to the ground. Thankfully, no one was in its path at the time. 

The post's author explained in a comment that he was teaching an aerobic class nearby when he heard the sound of the tree cracking. "It kept getting louder and more frequent so pulled out the ol’ camera," he wrote. 

The video also earned its fair share of truly hilarious comments. A few of the best ones?  

"People should have covered their ears to save that beautiful tree," "Where's Kesha when you need her...," "Duct tape," and "The Alcohol Pilot Project has been CANCELLED due to falling trees." ("Never seen a tree that couldn't hold it's liquor.")

Check it out below! 


When a tree falls on the Seawall... wait for it... from r/vancouver