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Canada ranks #3 in the world for drunkenness

According to 2019's Global Drug Study, Canada ranked third in the world for drunkenness. The study collected data from 132,000 people.

 People drinking and toasting / ShutterstockPeople drinking and toasting / Shutterstock

Canada is famous for many things: from hockey to maple syrup, saying "eh" to mounties on horseback, there are many things people associate with our northern country - but is drunkenness one of them?

According to 2019's Global Drug Study, Canada ranked third in the world for drinking. The study collected data from 132,000 people from over 36 countries. Participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their drug and alcohol habits, which was then compiled into a report.

Nearly 2,000 Canadians participated in the study, and they reported being drunk an average of 47 days per year.

The United Kingdom reported the most drunk days, with 51 days per year. In second, the United States reported an average of 50.

The study also highlights how, "English-speaking countries top the GDS countries for getting drunk, with respondents from the UK, Australia, the USA, and Canada getting drunk about once a week."

 Global Drug SurveyGlobal Drug Survey

Roughly half of the Canadians surveyed reported wanting to drink less in the future. What's more, one in five regret their drinking habits.

The study also notes that half of all people in India, Finland, and Ireland wanted to drink less and that, "Danish participants were the least inclined to do so."

Canadians also tied for second in the world for cocaine use, reporting 10 days of usage annually. The global average of cocaine use was 6 days.