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Contact Festival moves from in BC Place to on top of it

Four local artists are about to be the first to ever play the unique stage
Preparations for Contact Festival on the roof of BC Place.

Some local DJs will have to get pretty high for their next Contact Festival performance.

Normally the festival happens just before New Year's inside BC Place; organizers say the two-day event is the largest indoor festival in Canada with tens of thousands of fans in attendance.

Obviously, with the pandemic, the most recent edition didn't happen.

To make up for it organizers are taking the show up a few levels at BC Place. A stage has been set up on the massive structure's roof and they'll be streaming a series of sets from the very middle.

"This will be the first time any artists have performed from the 204 ft iconic Vancouver rooftop," state organizers in a press release.

The show will be streamed free through Twitch via Monstercat's channel and feature four local artists: Vanic, Tails B2B Juelz, Nostalgix, and Poni. 

The roof itself is a unique structure. It's the biggest of its kind in the world covering 11 acres; centre stage will sit 200 feet above the ground inside.

While the show will be free to watch, special edition merch will be available, not at a table, but online.

The broadcast goes live at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 6.