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Man picks up dog and slams it on street in Downtown Vancouver (VIDEO)

WARNING: This video is extremely disturbing. 
A man is shown picking up a dog in Downtown Vancouver. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Mac

The BC SPCA is investigating after a video surfaced of a man slamming a pitbull against the sidewalk in Downtown Vancouver.

In an email to Vancouver Is Awesome, Tiffany Mak writes that she witnessed an altercation between a man and his pitbull versus a group of skateboarders and a guy with a bike. 

"The man was siccing his pitbull on them, letting it lunge at the bike guy, which resulted in the bike guy picking up his bike to swing at the pitbull and trying to kick  it," writes Mak.

At this point, Mak notes that she began secretly filming the incident as she felt that it would escalate and would be needed as evidence.

"After the bike/skateboard group dispersed, the man with the pitbull remained and continued yelling at some other people nearby.  Somehow this escalated to the man picking up his pitbull and slamming it onto the sidewalk," explains Mak. "We all ran at him and called the cops."

After police arrived, they handcuffed the man and searched him. His dog was taken into custody.

"It turns out the owner has a pattern of abuse with this dog; another resident in my building said she and other witnesses saw this guy slam his pitbull onto the ground at a nearby park a month or two ago," adds Mak. "He had been belligerent and aggressive when they confronted him then, too."

Watch the video of the altercation that Mak filmed below. 

WARNING: This video is extremely disturbing. 

The BC SPCA confirms that there is an ongoing investigation. However, they cannot provide any additional information at this time. 

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