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The Park Board is asking people to send emails to a bunch of trees in Vancouver

The Vancouver Park Board's All The Trees initiative encourages people to send individual emails to 30 different trees in the city

The Vancouver Park Board is encouraging people to participate in a new initiative called All The Trees.

Launched on August 12th and going until the end of the year the project is a hybrid of art, horticulture, history and public tree engagement.

25 trees have been marked with these tags shown below. The idea is that people will read them and be inclined to send an email to the tree, on the promise that the tree will send them an email response "within a week".

The intention is that, of course, people will learn more about many different species of deciduous and coniferous trees located in our parks.

 This Horse Chestnut tree is near the West Point Grey Community Centre. Photo Vancouver Park BoardPhoto Vancouver Park Board

When hugging one is simply not enough, maybe you want to type to a tree? Tell it your true feelings digitally and have someone respond pretending to be the tree. Like Santa Claus only there's no toys and it's artist-in-residence Holly Schmidt, historian John Atkin and a few other people clacking away on the other side of cyberspace back at you.

Learn more HERE.

 Photo All The TreesPhoto All The Trees