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You can get fined a whopping $109 for driving with a pooch on your lap

No doggos on laps, please.
Photo: Woman driving with a puppy on the steering wheel / Shutterstock

While Fido's favourite spot might be your lap, you should ensure that he rides shotgun when you're on the road. 

On Feb. 18, BC RCMP Traffic tweeted that a, "driver's control/view while driving mustn't be obstructed by pets/people while driving."

According to the BC RCMP, driving with a pooch on your lap falls under the "Control/view obstructed" offence, which comes with a hefty $109 fine as well as three demerit points. 

The Motor Vehicle Act states that, "a passenger in a vehicle must not occupy a position in it that interferes with the driver's view ahead or with his or her control over the driving mechanisms of the vehicle," - that applies to doggos, too.

A traffic ticket for a violation of section 195(1)(b) MVA costs $109 and 3 penalty points.

Interestingly, the Delta Police also tweeted about the same offence, however, it was for driving with a snow-covered car. Driving with only a small portion of your windshield defrosted or scraped away is dangerous, and that it applies to front, rear and side windows.

Delta Police re-shared a tweet about driving with a frosty layer on your vehicle, underscoring that, "If you head out today with snow-covered windows, or headlight or taillights covered by snow," you could face a staggering $109 fine. In that case, a $10 brush is definitely the cost-effective choice.