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The hottest calendar in Vancouver will have a new look this year (PHOTOS)

"After much deliberation, the VFC decided to go ahead with our 2021 Hall of Flame campaign, but fans can look forward to something a little different than our usual 'cheeky' firefighters' calendar."
Photo: Vancouver Firefighter Charities

The hottest calendar of the year is slated for release this October, but it will look noticeably different from years' past.

Now in its 34th year, Vancouver Firefighter Charities is preparing for its annual fundraising campaign with the return of their Hall of Flame Calendar.

In a release, the organization states that the 2021 wall calendar will be noticeably different as the non-profit organization works to acknowledge the heroic efforts of those combating the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic - but that's not all. 

For the first time ever, the Hall of Flame Calendar will also showcase a lineup of women firefighters from the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services (VFRS). The inclusive 12-month calendar will provide equal representation and reflect the true diversity of VFRS by featuring seven female and seven male firefighter models.

Each year, professional firefighters volunteer their time to model for the calendar and numerous citizen volunteers and VFC representatives donate their time and expertise to produce the calendar and help make it a success.

The evocative artist-created Murals of Gratitude of Gastown will serve as the colourful backdrop for this year's calendar, paying homage to the efforts and dedication of the city's first responders and frontline workers who have worked so tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Through careful planning, VFC will be conducting outdoor photoshoots in the neighbourhood later this month - while maintaining strict safety protocols and physical distancing for all volunteers and team members.

As VFC's longest-running charitable initiative, the Hall of Flame Calendar has raised well over one million dollars since its inception in 1988, providing much-needed support for at-risk children, adults and families throughout the province of British Columbia. Proceeds from this year's calendar sales will be donated to VFC's own community programs - including Snacks for Kids and Lifelines for Seniors - in addition to the BC Professional Firefighters Burn Fund.

"After much deliberation, the VFC decided to go ahead with our 2021 Hall of Flame campaign, but fans can look forward to something a little different than our usual 'cheeky' firefighters' calendar," says Hall of Flame Calendar Coordinator Brandon Kaye.

"People all over the world have been doing extraordinary things in the face of insurmountable odds to break barriers, help one another and challenge oppression, and that's exactly what we want to portray in our photos this year. The 2021 calendar is an inclusive celebration of our local heroes and the strong men and women working hard on the frontlines in Vancouver."

The special-edition keepsake calendar will be available to purchase online starting in October. Shipping will be across Canada and internationally for individuals who want to support the fundraiser from afar.


• This guy is becoming more and more a part of the big work behind the scenes that has to happen in order to put this calendar together! . . This coming year is proving to be especially tricky with all that’s going on in our world! Extra time, extra efforts, and extra creativity is being put in to make sure this calendar continues and that we create the best fundraiser possible! . . Here’s a shout out to all of you that are working tirelessly right now behind the scenes to get things in order for us to create the 2021 Hall of Flame calendar! 🙏 💥 THANK YOU . . #hofvan #thefirefighterscalendar #vancouverfirefighters #vanfirecharities #firefighters #firstresponders #vancouver #YVR

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For updates on the VFC Hall of Flame Calendar release and to see behind-the-scenes footage from this year's photoshoot, follow @thefirefighterscalendar on Instagram and Facebook.

Learn more about the fundraising work of Vancouver Firefighter Charities and donate to this year's Hall of Flame Calendar fundraiser HERE.