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Metro Vancouver photographer takes chalk art to another level (PHOTOS)

Ladner photographer Greg Schurman has been working on “Adventures of Ava - sidewalk chalk series” with his 12-year-old step-daughter.
Ava photo Professional photographer Greg Schurman and his 12-year-old step daughter Ava have created a variety of interesting scenes on the pavement below their second storey Ladner condo. PHOTO BY GREG SCHURMAN

A Ladner photographer has combined a love of his chosen craft, a little chalk and a creative flair to create a fun online project to pass the time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg Schurman, owner of Schurman Photography, has been working on “Adventures of Ava - sidewalk chalk series” with his 12-year-old step daughter Ava.


ava-photo-2Photo by Greg Schurman

The process is simple: Schurman shoots his creative pose of Ava from up above on the balcony of their second floor condo and then Ava lies on the pavement below and draws his inspirational image in chalk.

Schurman and his wife Brigitte Schulte have also been helping with the chalk art drawing.


ava-photo-8Photo by Greg Schurman

“It’s been a lot of fun,” he said. “We’re all going a bit stir crazy, so combining my professional photography skills and giving Ava a chance to get creative and away from the school work for a bit, we went out and started doing this chalk fun.

“When I look down at her she can pretend to do a scene, so I can do the chalk where she is kind of floating in the air, but she is just lying on the ground. It’s a mix fusion of photography, other images and my own stock library. Between the three of us we have lots of neat scenes.”


ava-photo-7Photo by Greg Schurman

He’s posted all of the images on Facebook and Instagram.

“We have been doing two or three a day. I have a hose nearby that we can wash it down and then we can do another one,” he said. “When it has rained that has helped us get a clean slate.”
He said online feedback has been great.


ava-photo-5Photo by Greg Schurman

“People love it. They say it’s fun, puts a smile on their face, which we all need right now. Other friends and parents want to do it too, so that’s great.”



ava-photo-6Photo by Greg Schurman


ava-photo-4Photo by Greg Schurman


ava-photo-3Photo by Greg Schurman

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