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NDP leader and MLA hopeful recreate viral TikTok video in Vancouver (VIDEO)

Jagmeet Singh all smiles as he rolls through Vancouver's Punjabi Market alongside MLA hopeful Tesicca Truong
Photo: TikTok/Jagmeetsingh

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh rolled on over to the historic Punjabi market alongside MLA candidate Tesicca Truong for the Vancouver-Langara riding.

They sped through the five-block district along Main Street with a cup of chai tea in-hand.

“We’re rolling to a polling station near you,” Truong said on Twitter, encouraging Vancouverites to vote Thursday when the city’s advanced polling stations become operational.

In a video published to TikTok, the NDP representatives are seen longboarding together to the quintessential Fleetwood Mac song, Dreams, from its 1977 album "Rumors."

The tune was recently repopularized by Nathan Apodaca, TikTok user Doggface208, who rose to fame after his cranberry-juice-sipping video pictured him skateboarding to the soundtrack.

Earlier in the month, Singh recreated the lip-syncing, viral video all on his own.

The Burnaby-based politician is known for headline-making TikTok videos since the 2019 election campaign.