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Pandemic pumpkin: Grower's giant gourd gets massive mask (PHOTOS)

It's a sign of the times. πŸŽƒπŸ˜·

Ever seen a pandemic pumpkin? Nope, neither have we.

In fact, it’s highly likely any of us have witnessed a Halloween season quite like 2020, including Richmond’s pumpkin-growing enthusiast Dave Chan.

Chan - who has been growing giant pumpkins to enter competitions for many years from his Fedoruk Road garden in east Richmond – was at it again this year.

This time, his giant gourd weighed in at 794 pounds, which was “very small by my standards,” Chan told the Richmond News.

Two years ago, he grew a massive 1,363-pound giant, which, prior to being weighed at a competition in Portland, he had hoped might win the title of the province’s biggest.

Instead, he turned it into a Cinderella carriage for children in his neighbourhood.

The giant face mask on this year’s creation was made by Chan’s wife, Janet Love.

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