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Resident injured after unoccupied truck slams into Metro Vancouver house

"Reminder to use your e-brakes!"
Burnaby RCMP posted photos of houses damaged by the runaway truck. Photo: Burnaby RCMP

One person got the shock of their life – and minor injuries – after an unoccupied truck slammed into their Burnaby home.

Burnaby RCMP posted photos of the truck and the damaged houses. 

“Today officers responded to a report of an unoccupied truck that rolled down the hill, struck a fence, rolled back across the street, and into the window of a house,” read a tweet by the RCMP posted earlier this week.

“A resident inside the house was treated for minor injuries from broken glass. Reminder to use your e-brakes!”

Someone responded to that tweet with a link to a DriveSmartBC article on how to park on a hill.

“If you are parking on a hill without a curb at the edge, turn the wheels to the right,” read the post. “When a curb is present, turn the wheels to the right if you are facing downhill and to the left if you are facing uphill. If the vehicle does roll, the contact with the curb or turning to roll across the hill may prevent a runaway. Always set your parking brake, even if you are not parking on a hill.

"Put an automatic transmission gear selector in park, or if your vehicle has a manual transmission, put it in reverse if you are facing downhill or first if you are facing uphill or on a level surface. The combination will make it almost impossible for the vehicle to roll away. Finally, don't forget that you must park within 30 centimeters or 12 inches of the curb.”

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