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Sailors take warning: Vancouverites share this morning's fiery sunrise (PHOTOS)

Full of reds, yellows, oranges and purples, this morning's sunrise proved an irresistible subject for many Vancouver photographers.

It seems this morning's sunrise proved irresistible for many Vancouverites who took to social media to share the beautiful oranges, reds and yellows painted on clouds and reflecting off the city's glass and steel. 

Instagram account @thingsushoulddo posted a photo of the city's skyline this morning saying the sight is a good reminder to take a breather during busy work weeks.

"I think today's #Vancouver #sunrise was probably the winner. When my week is crazy busy and stressful I still try to take my 5 minutes of #gratitude and this sure helps," thingsushoulddo wrote.


A post shared by Naomi (@thingsushoulddo)

The spectacular colours caught the attention of photographers professional and amateur alike.


Reddit users also got in on the action with user CostanzaBlonde sharing a video of the sunrise from downtown. 

"When my blinds opened this morning I was shocked at how red it was, but I took too much time to take a video and it went more pink," she wrote of the footage.

The morning sky put on a show ✨ from r/vancouver