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This sex doll rental delivery service starts in Vancouver Friday

"We have customers from 21 to 70."
Photo: natrldolls / Instagram

"[Natural] curiosity. Delivered Intimacy."

That's the slogan behind a new Canadian company called Natrl Dolls that offers sex dolls for rent. It offers a discreet way for customers to select a doll and pay online, and then have it delivered without having to leave the comfort of their homes. 

 And, after a successful start in Calgary in November, the company will begin renting dolls in Vancouver this week.

Randy, father of co-founder Conner, is the newest member on the Natrl team. He told Vancouver Is Awesome that he plans to move to Vancouver to run the Vancouver business, while his son and the other partner will work in Calgary.

"We are launching on Friday, Jan. 10," Randy said. "We have everything in a warehouse in Langley, and from there we deliver the dolls door-to-door." 

With that in mind, Randy is quick to note that the dolls undergo a thorough cleaning and sterilization process before they are handed off to the next client. 

"Each doll has one person clean it and one person inspect it and sign off on the cleaning," explains Randy. 

"Every inch of that doll gets cleaned."

A quick scroll on the Natrl Dolls website notes that the cleaning process is extremely thorough, highlighting a "second rinse" as well as a "rinsing of all orifices with commercial strength hydrogen peroxide."

Formerly in the oil and gas industry, Randy says that he was inspired to get into the business from what he saw in Japan. He adds that he has also heard of people in Denver, Los Angeles, and Houston who are successfully selling sex doll rental services.

As for clientele, Randy says that he's seen a variety of people, from all different age groups.

"We have customers from 21 to 70," he remarks. "We have couples looking to spice things up without adding the jealousy to people who are really shy. And then some people have mobility issues. I had one client who recently had a stroke, and he wanted to see how he'd perform with a woman now."

"It's like a confidence builder."

As for negative feedback, Randy reports that he hasn't received any. In fact, he says that he's had a fairly positive experience with the business so far, which is why they decided to expand to Vancouver. 

While there are currently eight dolls available for rent in Calgary, Randy noted that only six are available in Vancouver right now. However, there are a couple of them on the way. A doll may be rented for an hour at $149, three hours at $180, or all night at $249. 

Last year, Bella Dolls opened doors for business in Vancouver and people began renting out its selection of 'ladies' from the sex doll brothel. Unlike the Natrl Dolls service, however, the Bella Dolls Vancouver location offered an "in-house" experience. The website had stated that, ”To ensure that we uphold the privacy of each client, the entrance and exit locations are separated.”