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Vancouver driver gets two speeding tickets within 13 minutes and about one kilometre

That's $392.00 and 6 points.
Two citations for the same car and driver within 13 minutes of each other. Photo: @baldguy1363 (Mark Christensen)/Twitter

The driver of a black Honda made short work of racking up some serious ICBC penalty points and fines Saturday morning when they were caught speeding twice in 13 minutes in Vancouver.

Sgt. Mark Christensen with the Vancouver Police Department tweeted out photos Sunday morning of the driver's two tickets:

The first ticket was issued at 7:02 a.m. at 4500 Knight Street, then, just 13 minutes later at 7:15 a.m., the same car and driver are pulled over for the same infraction of "speed in a municipality" at 900 Kingsway. Looks like they probably continued north on Knight before turning left onto Kingsway - the two citation locations are about 1.4 kilometres apart.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, just because you received a speeding ticket at 1 location, doesn’t mean you can’t get a 2nd one 13 mins later at another location! $396.00 and 6 points!" points out Christensen.