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Vancouver gym members post amazing videos of working out with their pets

Times are ruff, but you can still exercise… and laugh
How many dogs can you bench, bruh? Photo The Dogs of Raincity/Instagram

Like all of us, the fit folks at Vancouver crossfit and functional fitness gym Raincity Athletics are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis as best they can.

With the Terminal Avenue gym closed until further notice, workouts have moved online. However, there’s one exercise routine that members of the pet-friendly gym have really put their backs into.

If you’re looking for a much-needed pick-me-up during these weighty times, The Dogs Of Raincity Athletics’ Instagram page is an instant shot of dopamine. 

Besides cute photos of their furry friends, gym members have been posting videos of themselves working out and using their pooches (and one rabbit!) as weights — further proof that lifting weights can lift your spirits.



#raincitystella wins the #dogsofraincity masters division at 105 years old 🤯 #smalldogsofraincity

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The @dogsofraincity #fitspo is going strong! @sweety267 #honorarydogsofraincity #dogsofraincity

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