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There are hummingbirds in the snow in Vancouver right now (Photos)

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, but they are no less spectacular due to their stature - some Vancouver hummingbirds reside year-round.

 hummingbird at the feeder in the snow / Shutterstockhummingbird at the feeder in the snow / Shutterstock

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, but they are no less spectacular due to their small stature.

In fact, these tiny creatures are completely unique in the bird world - no other bird possesses the ability to fly backwards or sustain long-term hovering, making them a feathered anomaly. Perhaps even more surprisingly, these tiny fliers are fierce; the Canadian Wildlife Federation notes that hummingbirds will aggressively defend their territories.

And while most hummingbird species live in the tropics, a number of them migrate to North America. What's more, a number of the adorable birds have been spotted in British Columbia during the winter.

In fact, a number of Metro Vancouver residents Tweeted images of the tiny travellers amidst the snowfall. Twitter user @Manitowan mentions how how the, "First sight I saw in addition to the fresh fallen snow overnight was a hummingbird," when he went to take his dog outside.

Vancouver Hummingbirds

Similarly, Twitter user @yougoventi shared an image of a hummingbird and exclaims that, "In case you missed it, it really did snow earlier this morning!"

This isn't the first time that Lower Mainland residents have shared images of hummingbirds in the winter, either. As a matter of fact, a handful of species call the region home year-round.

With that being said, The Spruce notes that there are over 300 species of the brilliantly coloured critters on the planet, and under two dozen of those will venture to Canada, so they are truly the hummingbird outliers. Nevertheless, these daring animals claim a permanent residence in what may seem like an impossible territory for them to survive in.

If you are looking to attract one of nature's most unique feathered friends to your yard, there are a number of plants that will raise your chances of seeing them. What's more, having a red hummingbird feeder is a good idea, as they are attracted to the colour red.