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Vancouverites sing 'O Canada' during 7 o'clock cheer (VIDEO)

The nightly cheer for health care workers featured a unique twist last night.
Vancouver, B.C. (via Shutterstock)

Vancouverties have been stepping outside each night to cheer for health care workers and first responders from their balconies, backyards, and doorsteps. However, the applause sounded a bit different in one neighbourhood last night. 

Fire Chief Darrell Reid shared a video on March 29 to his Twitter account of his neighbours adding a unique twist to the 7 p.m. ritual: the Canadian national anthem. 

Reid filmed the video from the balcony of his Mount Pleasant condo, as a chorus of people in the area proudly sang "Oh Canada."

"Tonight my awesome neighbours added Oh Canada to the end of the 7 p.m. celebration of health care workers and first responders," wrote Reid. 

"What a unique way to meet neighbours!"

Reid also remarked that everyone is "alone together."

A number of people commented on the video, and a few of them said that it brought them to tears. One person stated how, "We're Canadians, we'll get through this."

Deputy Fire Chief Rob Martin commented: "Goosebumps bigger than olympic gold medal ceremonies. I'm so proud of Canadians and our response to this challenge. Stay safe Chief, thanks for sharing messages that fill our cup."

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