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Check it out, Dude: Have you seen Vancouver's 'Stump Chilling Park'? (VIDEO)

Spreading some joy with one tiny sign.

You've heard of Dude Chilling Park, but what about Stump Chilling Park?

Sure, the sign is a lot smaller and it isn't technically a park but this tiny display is still stealing hearts in Mount Pleasant.

It was created by local artist and former costume designer Thyrza Segal.

She thought the broken stump resembled the sculpture in Vancouver's famed Dude Chilling Park (technically Guelph Park) and decided to make her own neighbourhood nod to the popular landmark.

Many local residents say it brings a lot of joy to an already welcoming area.

In case someone feels like plucking it for themselves, Segal assures Reddit users it's easy to replace.

"It's just a laser print that has been laminated, no biggie. I can print more," writes Segal.

The miniature park can be viewed near East 10th Avenue and Carolina Street.

Just remember to respect the setup and leave it for everyone to enjoy.