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Check out this 360 video of an ice cave north of Vancouver

Have you ever explored an ice cave?

While not everyone can go visit an ice cave up near Whistler, thanks to this 360 video exploration from a phone is possible.

In the clip posted by Rick Meloff of onecutmedia on YouTube, you're taken inside a rather large cavern of ice on Blackcomb mountain. Thanks to the 8k, 360-degree nature of the video, you can look around as Meloff walks in and see all sorts of detail. Throughout the video, the ice gives a blue hue to everything.

The cavern is fairly large with people walking around easily inside. The peak of the roof looks at least 20 feet high and it appears deeper and wider than it is tall.

Over the next five minutes, Meloff wanders around the cavern along with several other people. At times he's able to stick the camera in places where people aren't able to go.

During the video, he notes that it's melted a bit since the last time he was inside and that there are rocks now exposed never seen by humans.

"Wow, it's changed so much," he tells another person.