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Dan Levy retweets B.C. man’s hilarious Schitt’s Creek stop motion spoof (VIDEO)

Nanaimo resident Todd Cameron used vintage Fisher-Price toys to create an animated stop motion film set to “A Little Bit Alexis”
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Screenshot: Twitter/@ToddCameron22

Schitt’s Creek may have aired its final episode this spring, but a Nanaimo man is keeping the sitcom's spirit alive with a hilarious new short film set to the show’s number one (in our hearts) hit song, “A Little Bit Alexis.” 

This absolute bop inspired Todd Cameron, an aspiring filmmaker who describes himself as a father, husband, multimedia comedy artist, wedding DJ/karaoke host in his Twitter bio, to dust off his extensive collection of vintage Fisher-Price toys and create an incredibly intricate, one-minute-long stop motion film, using the figurines as characters. 

Todd cameron Fisher Price CollectionNanaimo resident and aspiring filmmaker Todd Cameron shows off his vintage Fisher-Price collection. Photo submitted

If you haven’t seen the CBC sitcom, actor Annie Murphy’s character, former heiress Alexis Rose, performs the song during an audition for a local theatre production. It was the title track to her character’s “critically reviewed, limited reality series” A Little Bit Alexis.

In Cameron’s film, Fisher-Price-Alexis comically lives out the lyrics to the song, for example, being a little bit tipsy while she drives her car (cue school bus rollover), being expensive sushi, being a cute huge yacht, being a little bit single - even when she’s not - and otherwise generally living the high-flying life of a jet setting heiress. 

He posted it to Twitter on May 22, writing, “Just finished the @SchittsCreek final season last night and there were many tears. What an incredible run! This is my stop time tribute to #alittlebitalexis using my vintage @FisherPrice toys. We will miss you, SC.”

Cameron’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. 

“Saturday morning, I woke up to see that my phone was blowing up with notifications,” he wrote in an email. 

Turns out, his creation had caught the eye of Schitt’s Creek showrunner and series co-creator Dan Levy, who retweeted the video, calling it simply, “a masterpiece.” The Official Twitter Page followed suit, writing, "Storytelling at its finest."

So far, the video has amassed nearly 275,000 views.


In the words of Twitter user @EmilyInNYC, who replied to Levy’s retweet, “This is likely the best thing Twitter has ever posted. This may be the best thing in the world.” 


todd cameron schitts creek cosplayTodd Cameron and his wife, dressed up here as Catherine O'Hara's Moira Rose and her TV son, Dan Levy's David Rose, are big Schitt's Creek fans. Photo submitted