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Here are some pro makeup tips to get that perfect Halloween look (VIDEO)

From an adorable ladybug to a creepy scarecrow!

Do you need some help capturing that perfect look for All Hallows' Eve?

Fear not, we stopped by Vancouver's JCI Institute for a crash course in DIY Halloween makeup.

Whether you're dressing up as an adorable ladybug or a creepy scarecrow, they've got you covered with some takeaway tips.

"One of my favourite tricks for any sort of face painting, with kids or adults, is you can use a liquid eyeliner pen to sketch out whatever you want to draw easily beforehand. It's just a quick, easy way to map out the design that you're going to do on their face," says JCI's Christine Fritz.

Basic affordable items are your best friends for this kind of work. Grab some sponges and water-based paints (they're easy to wash off at the end of the night) from any dollar or party supply store and you're halfway there.

JCI makeup department's Jennine Cook says your initial design tracing can easily be filled in with eyeliner, eye shadow or simple paint. Mistakes can often be corrected with a Q-tip cotton swab. Apply some water to the sponges and dip them in your paint to activate and apply fuller face coverings.

Final touches such as glitter and fake eyelashes can also help accentuate your desired look.

Cook adds that anyone can be a makeup artist with these handy tricks of the trade.

"You can do almost any look with one-dimensional face paint and make it look two or three-dimensional just by adding some highlight and shading. That's the trick to being a makeup artist, just knowing how to contour and pop those colours," she explains.