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Here's what it's like to be a modern blacksmith in Vancouver (VIDEO)

No, he doesn't make horseshoes.

When you think of a blacksmith, a lot of old-timey images come to mind - and they probably include horseshoes.

While Granville Island's modern BC Blacksmith doesn't make equine footwear, he does craft a lot of impressive creations that are often functional and always artistic.

Miran Elbakyan is a father of four, who lives in Ladner. Originally from Armenia, he escaped political upheaval when he was 20 and moved to Israel before permanently relocating to B.C.

His shop and showroom are located on Railspur Alley, nestled in the heart of Granville Island. Elbakyan's artisan works include iron railings, gates, mirrors, gazebos, candelabras, and other ornaments of all shapes and sizes. 

Business shows no signs of slowing down for the local blacksmith and he appreciates Vancouver's mostly mild climate when he's stoking his forge fires.

"In Israel it was really hot outside, hot with my 1,200-degree furnace, and here is really good for me," explains Elbakyan.

As mass-produced industrial technologies take over in the 21st century, Elbakyan continues to capitalize on the public's demand for handmade contemporary designs mixed with age-old traditions.